Surgery Day for Liem

Remember everyone I told you I had two Schnauzer Dogs???  Well anyway I do.  Anyone that knows me know that I have Homer and Liem, my other pride and joys. LOL
Well today Liem was scheldue for surgery to remove a turmor from his left shoulder.  We left home at 8:30 to meet his appointment.  He looked so pitiful as I left him , those big brown eyes begging me don’t leave me here, they give you shots and God knows what.
I left yelling back over my shoulder telling him I would be back.  Meanwhile in the car sat Homer, who was totally confused as to why he was not in there with his brother.  You see they have been together since birth and they are now 8 years old.  They have never been seperated.  Anyway, Home is grieving over his brother not being in the car for the ride home.  I keep telling him we will go back and get him later.  This does not help, I bring Homer in the house and he wont eat, nor will he leave the front door.  He just sat there all day waiting.
To keep my mind off Liem and what they were doing to him I cleaned the kitchen and kept trying to console Homer that everything was ok.
Finally it was time to go get Liem, and as I entered the Vets I heard Leim barking and the nurse said I just left you a message that he was ready to leave.  I guess He had been awake sometime from the urgency in her voice!!! Because she kept repeating he is ready to GO!   See I think Liem has a little ADH, and people who don’t know Schnauzers thats how they are. Full of life and has to be heard and patted all day.
Liem likes to be told how handsome he is.  Now you’re saying she is crazy talking like these dogs are humans.
They are my constant companions and I don’t know what I did before I got them.  My husband, John works a lot and I’m home alone a lot and so they are there, keeping me company when I could be by myself.
Yes Schanuzers rule as I’m sure everyone’s dog and especially Dog Lovers.  Did I mention they can sing and dance. Such talent these Schnauzers have.
Anyway Liem is fine and the stitches will be removed in 10 days.  I may have Jennie remove his stitches since I removed hers. " Removed her stitches you say", yes thats another story.
Bye for now.
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