Catching UP

Hello Everyone
It’s been awhile since I have made a statement on my blog, so I thought I better update everyone who by chance happens to read.
Leim is doing fine from his surgery, he had the stitches removed on thursday and it is healing.  He just whinned and whined when we went to the vets office to have them removed.  I kept reasuring him that it would be ok and I was not going to leave him.  Homer my other schnauzer thinks it is his job to keep the wound clean and that is one thing the vet does not want.  It needs to be dry for a week and I have had a heck of a time to keep Homer from licking the wound.  So, I went to Wally world and purchased three baby T-shirts, you ask why three, well whatever Leim has Homer has to have too.  They look like two wife beaters in their T shirts, anyway hopefully the wound will heal.
Yesterday, I was laid off from work, due to the lack of work.  This is not a good time of year for RV’s.  I have no problem with this, it will give me a chance to get ready for Christmas with out rushing and trying to get everything done at the last minute.  It will also alllow me the time to help my friend Sheila pack her house up for her big move to Ky.  Hate to see she and Howard go, but we are trying to cope.  Good friends are hard to find. They are the best.
Before I was laid off, the bosses, yes I said bosses (5) were in KY at a RV show, placing an order for our spring line.  Like I said everything is so slow this time of year,so while they were all gone I decided to really clean the show room.  You see even though they are really good to me they are three of the biggest slobs I have ever worked for.  If you know me I am a neat freak and it drives me crazy.  Anyway I cleaned carpets, re-arranged all the furniture and it looked and smelled so good.  All the while doing it I thought well it will look like this until friday when they return it will all go to hell in a hand basket.  Also thinking they won’t even notice. 
Well to my surprise yesterday morning when I showed up for work I got so many thanks and compliments I could not believe my ears.  OH my God they noticed.  In fact one of the owners said"we stopped by last night to empty the car and we thought we were at the wrong place"  So I guess they did appreciate all my efforts.
Hopefully, I can add a picture for you to see.
I plan on decorating mine and mom’s place outside this up coming week for Christmas, and I can almost gurantee that they will be a story there.
Happy Holidays
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