Getting Ready to Decorate For Christmas

Good Morning everyone
Well as I promised I would keep you updated on my Christmas decorating and also there would be a story to tell.
My sweet husband climbed up in the attic of the garage and got down all my Christmas decorations and carried them to the front porch.  I was like a kid at Christmas looking in all the containers to see what I had.  Then I realized he had not gotten it all, so I went to the garage where he was and told him there was more.  There was this one box I really wanted and after looking around a bit he found it.  I was so excited.  I told him I could carry the box and thanked him again for getting all of this done.
Ok, you’re saying where is the story?  I was leaving the garage with box in arms, all I could carry and wham out of no where I was on the ground face in mud box laying on side walk and house shoes back toward the garage.
As I laid there wondering how did this happen, my better half came running, because he heard the thud of flesh hitting the stepping stones.  Are you ok? Still being dazed and trying to figure how I got there I mumbled something like I think so.  Are you laughing at my pain?  I proceeded to get up so worried about my precious box of decorations, it was then I noticed my right arm was throbbing something awful.  I guess on the way down I hit or should I say skidded on a stepping stone and there was peeled skin on my wrist and and elbow throbbing saying now you know how an old maid feels. ugh?  Ok, better make sure everything is working, no broken bones, but friends I am so sore today that I can hardly move. LOL
I still have one more obsticle to get over and it is an extension ladder with my name on it, so I can hang the outside lights!!!  I will let you know how it goes. Say a little prayer for me because you see I have no fear of falling!!!
I was going to put up the tree this morning and as I went on the porch to get it, I realized he had gotten down the wrong tree.  So here we go again, I have to go back to that attic and get the right tree and put the other one back.  Looking back I think I will ask for help. LOL
Sometimes I feel like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation, as if they based that story on me and Christmas Decorating.  What would Martha Stewart Say? Girl give it up.
Stay tuned for day two.
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