Christmas & Moving Day for a Friend

Had a wonderful Christmas.  All my kids were home and we all got together on Christmas Eve.  I think everybody received what they wanted.  We ate lots of steamed shrimp, boy was it good. For all of you Shrimp is a Christmas Eve tradition with us.  My dad would always have it for us on our eve meal.  So in order to keep his memory going I steam about 20 pounds of shrimp and get the greates pleasure seeing everyone enjoy.
Homer and Liem had a great Christmas too, they received toys and new chew bones.  Jennie laughs at me when I take their Christmas portrait, because I shove them under the tree and say stay and they do and let me take as many pictures as I want.  Jennie thinks it is so funny that they will sit until I tell them ok we are done and only then will they come out from under the tree.
Will attach some pictures of our Christmas. Lots of people..
Now about my dearest friends Shelia and Howard, today they left for Ky. to live.  I know they moved because of their children and to be closer to them, but what a loss we have here in West Virginia.  Especially for Jennie, she and Shelia are so close.  I just want to wish them the best and you can bet your butt we will find our way to Louisville to see them.  Yesterday, we helped pack up the moving truck and then it was time to go and that was one of the hardest good byes I ever had to make.  I always told Shelia that I do not cry, but yesterday I left my chewing gum at home and the tears flooded like Nigara Falls.   Be happy good friends and know that we will think of you often especially at birthdays, 4th of July, Christmas, at times when really good friends get together.  No one could ever replace you two. Love you so much. 
I wish only the best for you two in your new home and many happy days ahead for you. Like I said Ky gain is West Virginia’s loss.
As Mama Parker says "Nuf said"
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