What’s Up?

Hello Fellow Bloggers
What’s up with me, I have not updated my blog since May!!! 
Those of you who know me when the summer months hit I am an outside person and the only time I use the computer is at work and this is the busy season for us in the RV business.  So I have to really work and not up-date my blog.
But here it is Saturday and I am at work and guess what I am updating my blog! LOL
Slow today, so I thought I should let you all know what I have been into.
My flowers are beautiful and the garden is coming in finally.  We were late getting it in, but now I have tomatoes coming out of my ears.  Need some?   
All of the kids are ok, Jennie is having a rough time but she will get though it.  Tomorrow I am going to see my son John, who lives in Cambridge and let him cut my hair. As you recall last time I had my way on how I wanted it done and it turned out awful, so tomorrow I am giving him total control. LOL  Hope it turns out better.
Today is my precious Homer & Leim’s birthday. They are 9 years old today.  For dogs they are so smart.  They are doing pretty good.  Home had to make a vet visit this past week.  He has kidney stones and the vet is trying to crush them now, if this doesn’t work he will have to have surgery.  Sure hope the medication works. Wish me luck with this.
Now for my BIG BIG news, I can’t hardly believe it I am going to China, yes China in October.  The business here won a contest with our supplier of our campers and the young men I work for gave me the trip.  You think they are trying to get rid of me? LOL.  I am allowed a guest so I asked my husband first and he said the only way he would go is if I could not find anyone else to go with me.  You see it is a 20 hour flight and he wants no part of it. Hell, Vegas like to have killed him.  So the next person I called way my sister thinking how many chances do two girls from the south who was raised in the marshes get a chance to go to China?  Well she turned me down flat, also don’t like the flight and doesn’t want to leave husband behind?  This is sick!!! lol
So next I started with my children, from oldest to youngest and the oldest said yes, and being a school teacher I know she will enjoy it.  My biggest desire is to see the "Great Wall".  It is going to be a great trip, they have it planned so well, we will be over there for 10 days.  Every day is planned out.  We are going to Bejein & Ix’an. 
So you know when you travel you now need a passport and visa.  I had a passport , but it had expired so I went to get my picture taken so I could attach to my passport application.  Well the little girl at Wal-Mart would not let me smile, she said no teeth and I tell you what I look like a serial killer.  China may not let me in.  So Sonya comes with her picture and all you see is teeth and she looks great and I said where did you get your picture taken, Wal-Mart, what the???    I think the girl at Wal-Mart was messing with me. I look like a pit bull. pissed off, etc;  Anyway today I have to go have a picture taken for my visa and I don’t care what she says I am grinning from ear to ear because I want the people in China to say look a smiley face, lets let her in so she can go see the Great Wall.
Anyway I plan on taking lots of pictures to share with you and one more thing if the world is in turmoil on October 27th I will NOT be getting on that plane.    I want to go but why take chances if things are messed up in our world.???
Sierra my oldest grand daughter will be going off to Marshall University next month for her first year of college,  so proud of her, hope she does well, of which I am sure. She has a pretty good head on her shoulders.  Love the name of the college because that was my maiden name.  So she has to do well. lol
well guys, will try to do a better job on keeping this blog updated and if the hot flashes don’t kill me I will write more next month.
Thats it for now.
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5 Responses to What’s Up?

  1. TXBlueBonney says:

    OH MY GOSH patsy!!!  Lucky you!!!!   China!!!!   That will be soooo interesting!!!  Can\’t wait to hear all about it!  Wow.   Aww your sweet babies are NINE?????   Cheeeez.  sure wish i could give\’em a big KISS!!

  2. Sheila says:

    Pat…I know you will have a blast in China…..can\’t wait to hear all about it.  Miss you   Sheila

  3. Unknown says:

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