Disney Trip

Well I am such a glutten for punishment, On April 9th I left for a trip to Disney World on a bus with a 127 High School Students.  Your question being why?  Well you see my oldest daughter is the treasure for the Band Boosters and they had an open seat and I was invited and I said why not?  A free trip to Disney World for 6 Days!
I didn’t think much of the bus ride because after all I survived a 15 hour plane ride to China. LOL  Well it was 13 hours on the bus and was not too bad going down, but coming back it was awful.  We were all tired and I was sick from breathing all that Florida air!  Kids were sick, cold and throwing up> What a trip.
I got to see all the Disney characters and all good old Walt had to offer.  Enjoyed most of it.  The one thing that did happen could only happen to me it like there she is lets get her.  As you know there are kids, older adults and handi cap people who need scooters to get around on.  I was standing at this ride waiting for my grand daughters to come off and just minding my own business when out of no where my leg was pinned and when I looked a scooter had me pinned and I could not move.  The only thing keeping me up was holding on to the handle bars of the scooter and yelling at the little old lady to BACK UP Back UP I kept repeating and she kept saying I don’t know how to stop this thing.   Finally my oldest daughter came to my rescue (just like in China) and helped the woman to put it in reverse so I could stand up right again.  The lady kept saying she was sorry and I just walked away thinking why me GOD?  Anyway as well as a little sun burn I came home with a bruise the size of a base ball on my leg.  I told my husband that I must still have enough calcium in my bones they still bend and not break. LOL
You would think before they rent these things to people they would give them a crash course and I mean crash course on how to stop, back up and go!!!  But no just turn them loose and look for a red headed woman from West Virginia, she is an easy target!
I’ve attached a picture of Sonya and I in front of Nemo’s home.  If you like to pay big bucks and stand in line for rides and shows then Disney World in Orlando is the place to go.  The park was beautiful but I did not see what the big deal is???
The main reason we went down is our High School band was the opening band for the night parade at Magic Kingdom.  They really looked and sounded good.  A great parade.  The other thing I noticed whatever ride you went on or show when you exited you exited into the gift shop of that ride or show.  How Clever.
The only other news I have is to say that I am going to be a great-grandmother in November. Yes me, I know it is coming but it has not sunk in yet.  If I enjoy this great-grandchild as much as I have enjoyed my grand children then I know I will be so happy.   Got to love those grand kids you can give them back!LOL
My other half is still enjoying retirement, me I am a little, maybe a whole lot resentful, because I still have to work. He has done a lot of honey do jobs and beleive you me I still have more for him to do.  He is taking a break in May and going to NC with his motorcycle buddies.  They go there about twice a year, he really enjoys it.
Well fellow bloggers take care until next time.
As Ever
West Virginia
Wild & Wonderful
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  1. TXBlueBonney says:

    Oh gosh Patsy…..you are so funny.  You are also so brave!!!!!  I went to disneyland in California in a January…it was perfect!!!  NO LINES, NO CROWDS.  It rocked.  Otherwise i probably would\’ve hated it!       I heard about the g-grandbaby…congrats!  I know it must\’ve been a shocker….but you KNOW it will be sooo fun, and that will be THE MOST SPOILED BABY on EARTH!!!!

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