Catch Up Part II

Well another month has almost past and my blog needs to be updated.  I just don’t seem to have time to keep up on a daily basis.  One would think with all children grown and gone, one would have more time to do a daily blog, God knows I could write something everyday.
Anyway May is graduation month here in West Virginia.  I am proud to say my number 2 grandchild is graduating from high school.  I went to the awards ceremony last week and he earned over $102, 000.00 in scholarships. When they called out his name on the  award I did a big yell and I thought Sonya number 1 child would die of embarassment because you see she is the Math Coordinatior for his high school but hey I was the grandmaw who was so full of pride I wanted that entire auditorium to know that I was proud of that kid.
Number one grandchild is having a baby as I told you previously and we got to hear its hearbeat.  She is doing really well with the situation.  I’ve always done things early and fast in my life but I never dreamed I would be a Great-Grandmother at this age.  At least I can still baby sit for her when needed and still remember what to do. LOL We don’t know what sex it is yet but I will keep you posted.
The schnauzers, Homer and Liem are doing great.  They are getting their hair cuts today.  They are so fuzzy right now I am ashamed I have not had them to the groomer sooner.  One of my friends here at work got a female schnauzer and he has already asked me to stud Homer & Leim out.  Don’t know if I want too yet because you see they are virgins and I don’t know if it will change their attitude?? God knows it did change mine. LOL  They are 10 years old and maybe I should let their legacy go on?  But being 10 they are 70 in human years don’t want to kill them.  I’ve got a few months to make up my mind.
My other half is still enjoying his retirement,  Last week-end he went on a motorcycle trip to NC with some of his friends, Had a great time.  He still trying to complete his honey do list and the things he has done from it are looking so good.  Very talented man, there is nothing he won’t try or accomplish.
RV business  a little slow , think maybe it is the gas prices.  I was so mad this morning I put $50.00 of gas in my vehicle and I got a whopping 14 Gallons!!!!  Why isn’t the president, govenor, senators or anyone saying hey where is this going to stop.  It cost me $19.00 for 6 gallons of gas to mow my lawn and I am one to mow it twice a week but at these prices it may have to look shaggy because there is no way I can keep that up and keep my wits about me and not get pissed off and call someone and complain.  May invest in a goat.
Went over to our camp on the Greenbrier River a couple of weeks ago and de-winterized it.  More gas money, the grass was to my knees. More gas money for lawn mowers.  By the time we left we had it looking good and I am ready to go fishing.  Can’t go this week-end number 2 grandchild is graduating.  Maybe next???
Well need to go sell some RV’s   All my friends have a great week-end and will talk to you soon.
As Ever
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    Dropping by to say hello.

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