Homer Update

 Well I promised to update on Homer. Homer is not doing well at all even though he pulled through the bladder stone surgery.   As I told you before he will not eat and counting today it has been 15 days since he as eaten.  John & I are worried that he will starve to death.
The vet did another x-ray to see what is going on with out little guy and he has an enlarged liver and it showed three tumors.   We don’t know if these are maligant or not.  The vet’s game plan as of Friday is we give him a iv and an antibotic shot everyday.  He goes this afternoon for another treatment.  The vet said we would know when to stop.  John & I love this little dog so much, it is about to kill me seeing him this way.  People say you will get over it, get another dog, for these people I feel sorry for because they have never known the love of a pet.  Homer is a Minature Schnauzer and he was ten years old on July 29, 2007.  I hate the way he is but I am not ready to say stop. I want every possible thing done for him that can be done.  All the pet lovers out there in blog land please pray for my Homer.
I also wanted to tell you even though the stress of all the above I still  have not smoked.  It has been tough at times, but I just keep telling myself how good I feel and do you really want to go back to hacking and not have any energy.   No and I get by one more time.  As of Today it has been 22 Days.   I have 8 more weeks of treatment and hopefully by then I will be nicotine free. 
Our week-end was pretty dull, we really can’t get into anything for worrying about Homer.  We spent the week-end taking him to the vet for treatments and mostly just worrying.  Even Homer’s brother Liem looks worried, he goes over and licks him as if to say come on bub lets chase the cat. 
Oh well I will stop here, and hope & pray for the best.  Thanks for listening.
As Ever
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