Just Rattling

Work is slow today, too damn hot for anyone to look at campers, even though I did sell one this morning. This coal miner was needing one and I had a used one that fitted his needs.  He lives in Ohio , but he mines Coal here in West Virginia. He needed somewhere to crash after his shift, instead of staying in a motel. We don’t have a lot of mines in this area where we live, most of the big mines are down in the southern part of the state.  Big Business this coal mining.  With all this hot weather the power companies and coal miners are loving it.  It is 97 here today. Hot Hot Hot.
Last night I went over to my sons and got my hair cut.  I had let it go too long. Oh did I forget to mention this son is also a beautician, chef, & now studying to be a LPN!  Like I said he needs to find his nitch , he is getting too damn old to be starting new careers.  But I love him and he knows it, and let me tell you its nothing like having your own beautican in the family.  I know he really hates us at times, because  we try to tell him how we want it and he knows better and if he does give in to our ways and we end up not liking it , we blame him anyway. LOL Poor Guy can’t win.
I took Leim the schnauzer with me last night over to sons and let him run in the back yard with sons dogs, I think he had a good time, he just looks at me with those old sad eyes as if to say what have you done with Homer?  I feel so sorry for him because they have been together since birth.  I know he misses him as much as hubby and I do.  Hopefully we will get better with each passing day.
One of my co-workers have a minature female schnauzer and today he came in and said , "Pat when Blossom has her puppies you can have the pick of the Litter".  I know he meant well, but right now I could not possibly get another dog.  I thanked him for his thoughtfulness and said I will let you know.   Isn’t it amazing how people will try to help one another?  I am so blessed with friends, blog friends & family.
Tonight we go to daughter #1 for dinner.  My number 2 Grandchild and daughter # 1 son goes to college tomorrow.  Daugher #1 is a basket case, she isn’t ready to let go.  I told her I know exactly how you feel, its the way I felt when you left for college.  So afraid yet excited for you too.  Its hard to let them go , but they have to make their own way.
  Daugher # 1 Made grandson work this summer even though he had lots of extra cash he had recieved from his high school graduation to live all summer on.Which by the way he wanted to do is loaf this summer with his buddies before going off to college. He took a job with this welding company and he weed eat the grounds most of the summer.  His mother point was if you get tired of college, or complain about college I will make the sound of BRRRRRRRRRRRR (weed eater) and hopefully you will remember why you want to go to college. Clever girl this daughter of mine.
Well, I need to quit rattling and get back to work . Have a great day, will visit all of you tomorrow.
AS Ever
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2 Responses to Just Rattling

  1. Bev says:

    It was sweet of your friend to offer you a new baby.  You never, ever replace a dog.  Each one has his or her own personality.  But I have found that I have loved each one I have had, just differently, kind of like with children.  Perhaps later on you might be ready, and Leim might be ready for a new brother or sister.  Only time will tell.  Your hurt is still so new….it will just take time to feel better. 
    Blessings to you.

  2. Kat says:

    She\’ll get over the devastation of her son leaving soon enough trust me!  Enjoy your weekend!

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