Week-End Work Out

Looks like I have not added to my blog since Thursday, I am the worst, I love reading everyone else’s blog and such clever writing bloggers they are.  I enjoy them very much. I will try to do better.
Lets see the week-end was a working week-end, meaning cleaning the house, cutting the grass, you know all the chores that you let go all week and you try to do in one day. Ugh!  My youngest child moved to the city as I told you before and she left some things for me to come and get from her old house.  She and I have a tanning bed and she could not take it to her house because it would not fit, so I bought it home. Now mind you to get this thing in the back of the pick-up truck , hubby had to take the lid off and we strain to life the heavy thing up and into the truck. We get it home and being the neat freak I am I had to clean it first.  Well one of my neighbors came by and said Pat what is that?, a coffin? No its not a coffin, he said well it looks like one. Well it’s not.  Anyway , a few more comments and I had the thing back in the house and still have not used it and you would think that I would since my legs are white as chickens.   We also bought home a side by side fridge and I washed compartments on it and drawers for an hour. This we put in Hubby’s garage for extra storage??? Now in this garage we have a electric stove, Bow Flex, Treadmill, and enough electronic stuff to put Motorola and GE  out of business.  Why do we harbour all of this stuff, No we do not use any of it???? Crazy huh?  Hubby’s answer is hey you never know who may need something?  Poor kids after we are gone, will have to deal with this stuff!
Sunday granddaughter # 1 came over and I helped her do laundry.  She doesn’t have a washer and dryer yet, so we said bring it over and we’ll get it done.  Then we all piled in the pick-up and went to the Dairy Queen for a Blizzard, which pregnant Grandaughter loves.  We pull up to the Dairy Queen and place our order, pay and go  to the next window to pick up.  All of the Blizzards are made up of Chocolate Ice Cream??? I asked the young man, hey should these not be Vanilla ice cream?  Yes, he replies because we are out of vanilla ice cream? I said you’re an ice cream establishment and you are out of vanilla ice cream?   So I told him I did not want these and you should have told me you were out of vanilla ice cream.  He refunded my money and I drove another 8 miles to another Dairy Queen where we asked first and got our Blizzards.  Crazy huh?  It was such a hot day and they were really good.
Now how is that for an exciting Sunday?  I lead such a boring life.  But boring is sometimes good I guess, just to kick back and do nothing.
Have been very busy at work, selling campers, which really surprised me since the season is almost over.  I showed a camper today and sold it.  Remember the Coal miner I sold to last week, well he sent one of his buddies over and he bought one also.  Made my day.   These young men I do bookkeeping for also pay me a bonus when I sell, so hey extra money for Pat to buy some fall clothes.
Well you know I can’t end my blog without saying something about the schnauzers.  Liem is doing pretty good. He still looks sad, but I think he will  be ok.  Yesterday I stopped by the Vet to pay off my bill from Homer and I had to wait in line , and in front of me was a lady with , yes you guessed it a mainature schnauzer, only it was solid black.  I just started crying right there in the vets office, I need to get over loosing that little dog. Each day I seem to think I’m getting over it and bam out of now where tears are flowing. 
Have a great day all my blogger friends and hopefully I will have something exciting to write about tomorrow.
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2 Responses to Week-End Work Out

  1. Kat says:

    Think of all the fall clothes you could buy if you had major appliance sale!  Not that I am one to talk since in our garage  we have two dryers, refridgerator, sofa, two chairs, ottoman, desk, dining room table with 4 chairs, 2 stereo systems, every thing you need for every sport ever played times 3 as well as the prized 1956 Ford truck that is just for looks (certainly not suppose to drive an antique or so I\’m told) in addition to the normal garage stuff like lawn equipment.  Hubby wants to build a game room in the garage and I laugh at him because I don\’t know where we will put all of this STUFF.

  2. Sarah says:

    Funny how much stuff we all accumulate!
    That\’s weird that they didn\’t tell you at DQ that they were out of vanilla ice cream. Now that you mention it, though, I think chocolate ice cream would be kinda good in a blizzard! 

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