Weed Eater Blues

Weed Eater Blues sounds like a country music song doesn’t it?  After work yesterday I decided I was going to do some weed eating and get a head start on the lawn and if I get it all done by thursday, I want to go to our camp in the mountains for the week-end.  Well I get the old weed eater out, of course it has no string, no gas, so all of this had to be done before I could even think about starting it.  Get all the above done and had been working for about a half hour when it quit running.  I tried to restart and I pulled and pulled until I gave up, only after throwing it about 12 feet straight up in the air and letting it hit the ground.  I doubt if it will ever start again.  I just hate to start a job and not finish it, drives me up the wall.  So needless to say I have to go weed eating shopping this afternoon after work.  Serves me right for acting like a maniac.  But guys I did not smoke, I had the urge but I did not, I have worked so hard getting this far i was not about to let a weed eater do me in.LOL  I sound like a mad woman. So when this urge hit me I put a piece of sugarless gum into my mouth.  I said sugarless because hubby and I found out after he retired we do not have a dental plan.  We have medical and prescriptions , but no dental?  Do they think that 50 & 60 year olds have no teeth. Ok no jokes about toothless people in West Virginia. LOL
So I will go purchase a new weed eater and finish tomorrow and head for the cabin on Friday evening to do some fishing and kayaking.  Our cabin is on the Greenbrier river and it is so far out our cell phones won’t work until we drive 5 miles back into town.  Such a peaceful place.  Don’t know why we don’t go more often.
Talked to Grandson # 1 via email and he is doing just fine. He started his classes today and he sounded excited about that.  His mom is doing better, but his dad isn’t. He really misses him and I told him what Kat told me you will get over it and besides when they leave home and return they always bring more back with them. I appreciate that my son-in-law loves his kids, but hey you have to let go.  I hated to let mine go too and now from three we have grown to eight extra people. 
Well I need to get some bookkeeping done for the company. Everyone have a great day.
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2 Responses to Weed Eater Blues

  1. Bev says:

     Hey there you little weed eater thrower you!!!   hehehe  That is so funny!!  It sounds so like something I would do.  I am REALLY PROUD of you for not smoking!!!  You go girl!!  That took a LOT of control!!  Keep on keeping on.
    Have a great time at your retreat!!

  2. Kat says:

    I just read on the internet that they have a retiree javelin contest in West Virginia each September – maybe you should try out for the team!  Just Kidding!  Good job on the no smoking!  #1 grandson will be fine, Dad will too pretty quick.  When both the older two were gone Hubby decided that he needed a companion so he went to the shelter and got him a dog, now we have 4!  Trust me it is easier to live with the 4 dogs than one of the boys!

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