Baby Shower Success Almost

The baby shower was a success.  Everything went well except for the cake!!  I know you are thinking what can go wrong with a cake that you had a proffessional do for you??? Well let me tell you that I will never be assign the job of getting the cake again.  I went last Monday to our local bakery and told them I needed a sheet cake for a Baby Shower, key words being BABY SHOWER.  I wanted the cake to match the theme of the shower which was ducks and baby frogs.  I even carried the center piece in with me to give them a better idea on how I wanted this cake to look.  So, after work Friday I go and pick up the cake and to my horror here was this cake with a little blue pond in the middle and one little yellow duck in the center under two palm trees??? Why palm trees?  Since there were no palm trees in my theme. Ok you say you can pluck the palm trees off, but what do you do with the enormus BULL FROGS this woman had put on my cake!!!!  Now my grand-daughter loves frogs, but I knew this was not going to go over well.  The shower is Saturday and it’s 5:30 on a Friday afternoon and they can’t fix it. OMG Now I am in the worst panic ever. Check out the Picture. 
So my daughter comes over on Saturday morning and we scrape the Bull Frogs off and stick the center Piece in the middle of the cake.  I was so horrified, but Granddaughter laughed and said MA Maw it is ok. Anyway it was a good story to tell at the shower, and now you are wondering why we would tell this story at the shower? Why wouldn’t you since we had this big paper thing sitting in the middle of the cake, actually it was a bath tub with a duck and frog in it, a cute frog , not an ugly Bull Frog with its tongue sticking out!!!! Actually it was the Center piece I had taken to the bakery. Oh friends I will never live this one down.
The rest was ok, she received such nice stuff.  Did you know they make a thing called a diaper Genie?? In my time with having babies you had to just wrap them up and throw them in the trash can until they started smelling and you emptied the trash.  This thing you can fill them up and there is no smell and you can empty it once a week it looked like!!!  She also got a breast feeding pillow, never saw one of them before either. I know when my daughter number 1 had the twins she breast fed but she laid them on the arms of the recliner while holding them like two little foot balls.  Lord the life of being a new born has come so far.   Anyway Grand-Daughter has everything she needs for her baby.  She was truly blessed with so many friends who care for and love her. Being the single Mom I know she appreciated everything she received. Now all she needs is the little one and it should be here sometime in November.  I’ve attached some of the other pictures of her shower and the one with the four ladies standing is the Four Generations waiting on number 5. From left to right, Great-Great Grandma, Great-Grandma (me), Grandmother, and finally the Mother, number 1 Grand-daughter.
Sunday , all I did pretty much was lay around. I did get out my bicycle and ride it some. I enjoyed that a lot, I wanted to take Liem , the schnauzer, but I was afraid he would run out in front of me and cause me to fall and break bones that have no business being broke.  I have seen bikes with carts being pulled behind with the riders little kid in it, Hmmmmmm wonder if Liem would stay in it?? At least he would get to go with me and not be left on the porch with them old big sad brown eyes looking at me as if to say I can not believe you are going without me>  I may look into it , see how expensive it is etc; Will let you know.
I also did a fall arrangement for my Mom’s yard and she was pleased with that.  She has these two large trees in her front yard and the leaves are getting ready to turn and after they turn, they fall, thousands and thousands and you got it I have to rake them.  Ugh. I hate raking leaves and our camp is worse the leaves are like two foot deep when they all fall. Hubby and I make several trips until we get them all and then in the spring when we reopen the camp there is still some left.  Fall is beautiful , but the clean up is a pain in the butt.  I have one of those leaf blowers but seem like I am always making a bigger mess with it then just raking.  Mechanical things give me a fit. Rembember the Weed Eater???
Also, yesterday I watched the movie "WE ARE MARSHALL"  It was a really good tear jerkin movie, even though I remember when it happen, but you don’t realize what that school and folks went through.   Watch it , its good , just make sure you have a box of kleenex by you.
Work today is so slow, I think I have talked to two customers.  I hate days like this, I will probably take the job with the Dr. for the winter.  That should be really different from what I am doing now??? Will let you know, if I take it and should I take it what it all entails.
Well I hope everyone has a great week and will talk at you soon.
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3 Responses to Baby Shower Success Almost

  1. JENNALACEY says:


  2. Kat says:

    I\’m sorry but after reading and then looking at the picture of the cake – I busted a gut laughing.  How many cakes has this person decorated that she didn\’t get the key words \’Baby Shower\’?  I know it wasn\’t funny for you but it was hilarious to me!  Glad it went well other than that, love the pics!

  3. Cindy says:

    Holy Crap!  That is one strange cake … but it sounds like you made the best of it.  What was this person thinking?  Giant frogs?

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