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Well here it is Thursday and I have not made an entry into my blog since Monday?  Where has the week gone. Mine right here at New Adventure RV’s.  They gave me Tuesday off so I can work for them on Saturday.  They have a wedding to go to so a technican and myself will be the only ones here.  It never fails when I am the only salesperson here we get swamped.  I hate giving up my Saturdays.  Hate it. Hate It.  I don’t work many Saturdays, but when asked I just can’t seem to get the word NO out of my big mouth and say something clever like I have made plans or you should have asked me earlier I’ve made plans for a kayak trip down the Gauley River, which they know would be a lie because there is no way I would ever Kayak down the Gauley, people have been lost forever on that river under a rock and never seen again.  Ok I will suck it up and work, I don’t lie very well anyway.
Tuesday on my day off I worked like a dog around our place and my Mom’s.  I cut  my Mom’s grass for the last time I hope for the year, I did laundry and winterized my two porches.  Then I went to my fish pond and cleaned the filters and dipped 500 thousand leaves out of it. Yes fall has finally arrived in WV.  For the last 8 weeks here it has been in the 90’s and on tuesday it was in the 80’s, but today I am proud to say in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia it was in the 40’s this morning.   Still no rain, leaves look pitiful, just brown, and a few yellow no bright colors which need rain fall to make this happen and we have had none. Zip nada  They say maybe Friday????
My car goes into the shop on Tuesday for repairs to the head gaskets.  Just wasn’t ready to take that leap for a new vehicle especially since I am still paying for hubby’s new ride another gas guzzler I might add, actually its a diesel chevy over the edge truck.  When we decided he needed a truck we went with diesel because it was so cheap, but I know it had to be only two days after the purchase diesel went sky high!!! Thats our luck. In fact diesel is more than gas here right now, it is $3.12 a gallon. Yikes.
I almost forgot to tell you about my friends first RV trip in her motorhome.  They made it up there and back ok, the only problem they had was ants.  She had ants in the motor home everywhere. She was freakin.  She sprayed and got rid of them but she said for two hours they had to sit outside while the chemicals cleared out. Other than it only getting 10 miles to the gallon she did not complain about RV life too much.  That is until yesterday she called me and ask me to try and sell it for her??? What the heck???  I said you were so excited about this motor home and we were going camping together and sing songs around the camp fire??? What is wrong?  They decide that 10 miles to the gallon was just too expensive???  Hellooooooo you knew this before you purchased??? I don’t get it, there has got to be much more to this than what she is telling me, how do you go from total excitement to get rid of it???  I will pry a little deeper to see what the real story is???  Will let you know what I find out.  It has me totally baffle and I won’t be able to rest until I do. Jez I am so nosy.  Do you think it was my talk on RVing that made them go the other way??  I thought I was so helpful especially since neither one of them knew how to empty the holding tanks and I thought I had explained that very well.
Ok until another day, everyone have a good day and a great week-end.
Later, Pat 
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3 Responses to Bloggin Etc;

  1. Kat says:

    10 miles to the gallon? Dadgum – I\’d sell it too!  You should tell her that you will charge her a 10% commission ofr selling for her, she can\’t sell it herself since she doesn\’t know anything about it…

  2. Jane says:

    Hmmm, I LOVE mysteries.  Let us know why if you find out.
    …ten miles to the gallon… wow… that\’s like $150 bucks every 500 miles… ouch!

  3. Unknown says:

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