No Please don’t take my Little White Dog???

I got a scare today that I was going to loose my little White dog?  I guess the story I was told about him was not true.  I was sitting here enjoying my children who had came by for a visit and my telephone rings and I answer and it is the lady who works at the dog shelter and she tells me that some lady had came by to claim Benji?
I said what? Actually it was not this lady’s dog it was her daughters, now this little dog has been with me for about three weeks and it run loose for three weeks and they decide now that it is missing.  She wanted me to bring the dog down and I told her no you bring the lady here and I want to see how Benji acts around her?  Well they drive over and she calls Benji to her and course he is so friendly that he goes up to her and she starts to tell me how Benji came to be in my neighborhood.  It seems her daughter went to work and gave the little dog to a man in here to watch for her, pretty much he just let him run and really did not take care of him.  Thats when I came into the picture, trying to give him a better life.
Well, the mom went on to say the daughter has problems and she is no longer working and she wants her dog back!!! Benji came and sat in my lap as this lady talked and of course tears were running down my face that I was about to give this little dog up.  The lady also stated that this daughter also locked this little dog in the closet for hours at the time because I guess she has mental problems???  Anyway now I am in a panic, there is no way I’m sending this little dog back to that enviroment.  The mother talked a little more and out of the blue she said you know what, Benji seems to love you and you have given him such a good home, I’m telling her that I did not find him?  I said I don’t want you to lie to your daughter, but If she is that unstable, should she really have this little dog?
Oh my gosh friends as I was writing this blog the daughter came to the door and she took the dog. I have lost Benji now,  I have got to end here, I will tell you more later I can’t see for the tears, my heart is broken again.
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5 Responses to No Please don’t take my Little White Dog???

  1. Skye & Starr says:

    Oh Pat! I am so sorry for your loss! I totally understand how you feel and I do hope you get him back!1
    Lotsa loves and hugs
    Starr x

  2. Jane says:

    Oh, that is awful… and ridiculous!  I am so sorry for you.  Maybe things could still work out?  Some people should NOT have animals.

  3. Ed says:

    Hi Pat, thank you for visiting my site and leaving a nice comment.  Come back soon.

  4. Kat says:

    Pat, I am so sorry to hear that you lost Benji.  I\’m sure it will work out in the end for you, I\’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  5. CatsRuS says:

    Hi Pat, I just came from Patricia\’s space. I\’m so sorry that you had to give up Benji. The mother and daughter don\’t sound much like responsible pet owners to me. I\’m glad you left the door open so the daughter could quite possible bring the little dog back to you. I hope things work out well for you and little Benji. Nice to meet you !  🙂 xx

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