Old Story from Younger Days

Hello dear blog friends, I’ve decided to share a story with you that was inspired by one of my blog friends, whose daughter had her ears pierced for her birthday. I know I have been down a LOT lately over the dog situation, but I’m getting better and I am going with What will be will be. I wallared yesterday and now I am done with all of that.  According to the TV yesterday was suppose to be the most depressing day of the year, so I took advantage and Now its time to move on.
Didn’t mean to drift, its the 60 thing you know.   Anyhow, back in the early 70’s ear pierceing was not that popular, but myself and my girls we were way ahead of our time.  There was not too many places like they have now to get your ears pierced so you took the situation into your own hands.
It started with my cousin and I , she and I did everthing together, we both drove school buses and we both were nuts about cleaning our houses and making them shine. We camped together, ate and pretty much what was different she and I had to try. She was the brave one she pierced her own ears and I loved them and she said "Woman" that is what she always called me, let me pierce yours????  Now I loved her very much , but could I let this 6′ blonde pierce my ears?  Well, I had to be just like her so I said to go ahead.
Items required for this procedure : Ball Point Pen for marking a little X where the hole should go on the ear lobe. ice cubes to numb the ear lobe, a sharp needle and thread for the actual piercing and last but not least alchol for infection!!!!  So there I sat with a little x on each ear lobe and she heads to my lobe after there was no feeling from the ice cubes and she puts these holes in my ears and ties a knot in the thread so I have these two cotton loops hanging from my ears that I was to slide back and forth for about a week until the holes healed up. Did I mention that one loop was bigger than the other? OMG, one side got infected and I thought I’m going to have a cauilflower ear!!!! After a week of perxiode and alchol the ear lobe healed and my Dad thought it was the coolest thing I had done and he went out and bought me some ear rings for these holes I now had in my ears!!!  What you have to realize that piercing was not big back then and if you had your ears pierced you were way too cool and some thought you were a juvinile!! Who me the mother of three, No way, I just liked the way it looked and I might add how much pain tolerance I had.
Well, being the cool Mom I was I decided that my girls should look cool too , along with their Mom and if my cousin could do it, I knew I could!!! My girls were 5 & 9 at the time and I talked them right into it.  Well, the oldest who was always thinking ahead said do J first, Hmmmm, I guess this was to see if I could really do it  and if it was going to hurt after I assured them  they would not feel a thing.  J agreeded to go first, so I gathered the above supplies and put an X on each of J’s lobes and had needle in hand I headed for J’s ear and OMG my hand was shaking so bad that I backed off, thinking  can I do this, I’ve got to do this I have turned J’s ear blue from the ice she won’t feel a thing???  I can still see that big blue eyed red headed little girl sitting on the step stool waiting for her mom to pierce her ears so she could be cool too.   So, I said a little prayer under my breath and pushed that needle right through that lobe and she didn’t even flinch!! YAhoo, I did it I did it! So here was my youngest daughter sitting there with two loops of thread in her ears and I’m then thinking is she going to get gangreen and her lobes will fall off?  Then hubby came in and didn’t help me either, saying they are going to get infected!!! Well, they are now 37 & 42 and they both still have lobes and pierced ears!!!!  Yes , the oldest jumped up on the stool after little sister did not scream and she wanted to have pierced ears too like her mom.   When my oldest grand-daughter wanted her ears pierced, her mother took her to a profesional .  There was no way I would do my grand child and besides I had lost my nerve on such things.
That was a good memory of my girls child hood and I hope you enjoyed,  I know I did remembering all of that.  The cousin I was so close to, she died at the age of 35 from cancer.  Not only was she my cousin, she was one of my best friends and it was nice to remember that about her again and maybe another day I will share another story that she got me into. We did some stupid stuff!! LOL
As you can see by the picture they both still have ear lobes. They will kill me for publishing this picture, because they don’t have their make up on, but hey I had to prove they still have lobes.
Have a wonderful day and I will snoop on all of you later.
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10 Responses to Old Story from Younger Days

  1. Kat says:

    What a great memory!  My mom wouldn\’t let me get my ears pierced until I turned 15, I\’m sure thinking that I would forget about it by then.  Nope, not me!  On my 15th birthday I made my mom take to get them pierced with the little gun thing.  I do remember that it hurt like hell but that didn\’t stop me through the years of getting two more holes in each ear!  Remember that fad?  I can still put earrings through all three holes but rarely do it!

  2. Aimee says:

    good for you…i don\’t think i woud be able to do that to my child…but that is because i am quite squimish myself….i have oevr teh years peirced my ears with two holes each side…they are still there…one in teh top of my ear…that is still there…but my belly button and tounge i have not worn in a while…
    *~* :o) if you do not have a smile today… :o) I will give you one of mine… :o) *~*

  3. Jenny says:

    Hey, Pat! Got your message and was really glad to see you\’d stopped by. I love your space — been reading away and enjoying it all. Hate to leave you a long comment but I\’m sort of playing catch up, so bear with me. Ear piercings: omg, I remember it well and that\’s what I did, too. Only thing was, I had another friend standing there and watching this "home surgery" and they keeled over in a dead faint. So there I was, needle part way thru my ear, bleeding like the devil, and we\’re trying to bring the other friend back to consciousness. What a day that was (I was 15). When I turned 48, I added an additional pierce to each ear but this time was smart enough to have the gun used in the middle of the mall. Never felt a  thing and no blood, lol.
    Now, to the other blog you wrote about your dogs and also the newer blog about the puppy mill, ohhhhh, Pat, I can\’t begin to tell you how sorry I am. I do know how you feel and it\’s excruciating for the longest time. I felt like my heart had been ripped out with the death of my pets and cried for many months. Hang in there and cry all you need to,  things will be better in time. The good thing is that you\’re a person that really cares and has an open heart to give another little soul a good and loving home. Because you\’re that way, the just-right-for-you little one will walk into your life.
    I\’ll be checking back with you….careful on those slippery roads now.  😀

  4. n says:

    That was good story, I know my sister in law did mine, with a needle and soap behind and she put a bit of ice to freeze it a bit, it burned a little bit, but nothing to cry about.  Take good care, xxVenus

  5. JENNALACEY says:


  6. meg says:

    I went the same route- my aunt did mine when I was eight & visiting my Grandmother. She used a big old darning needle & cotton kitchen twine- Grandmother took me out that afternoon & bought me 2 pairs of earrings, gold roses & some tiny hoops (both of which I still have after nearly 40 years)

  7. Just Linda says:

    what a great story, Pat!  I got my ears pierced the first time at a salon then went back a few years later and had a second hole put in my right ear only – and I always wear 3 different earrings!  Ya, I do like to be different … and I certainly am!

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    Hope you have a blessed Day

  8. Jane says:

    I had to go to a doctor to get my pierced when I was 12!  Probably a good thing since I passed out… what?  No one reminded me to breathe.
    Shoot if I had known you I could have saved $15.00!

  9. thesoapcorner says:

    The ear piercing brought back memories ouch! My girlfriend and I pierced our ears with the same methiod. I have one lower than other also, so does my mom, thanks to us. Remember the self piercers? We did that one first. They got infected and closed up.Oh i remember that hurt.

  10. Sarah says:

    Funny story! My mom tells me the story of how she got her ears pierced by pretty much the same method, only whoever did hers put a cut potato behind so they had something to put the needle into. I prefer the gun…split second and it\’s done.

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