27 Years Today

I lost my dad 27years ago today, This blog is for him.  He was one of the most important men in my life.  He taught me so many things , one of them was to be independent and the other was to teach me how to love. 
Somedays its seems like yesterday, I said my final goodbye.  I wish he could see his grandchildren, his great great grandchildren, I know he would be proud.
Love you daddy and I still miss you so.
I’m still your Patsy.
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8 Responses to 27 Years Today

  1. Al's says:

    I am sure that your Daddy sees you every day and is very proud of his Patsy.

  2. Sue says:

    Hi PatI know how you feel lost my brother 28 years agostill feel like yesterdayTake careSue

  3. Kuskulana says:

    Yes Pat that is how it is, like yesterday sometimes.
    My Daddy died 39 years ago and I miss him now more than ever.
    I will do a blog about this sometime soon.
    I believe they live on through us who remember.
    Take Care

  4. June says:

    Ok, I love this blog thing.  I really do.  It brings so many of us together, for whatever reason. But Pat, for us to lose a parent on the dame day, no matter how many years apart….well, that\’s just a sorrow, a tribute, you and I will feel on the same day, each year.  I knew you were special.  I think a lot of you and look forward to comments from you.   I hope you know how much you mean to me.
    Take care

  5. Ms Noanie says:

    It sounds like he taught you the most important things in life – that\’s nice.

  6. Sarah says:

    So sweet. I know you\’re dad\’s looking down on you and very proud, just the way my dad is.

  7. Bev says:

    There is just nothing easy about losing a parent.  Ever.  I guess you don\’t ever get over missing them so much either.
    I send you a big hug, my friend.  Love you!

  8. Just Linda says:

    Losing a parent is something we never truly "recover" from.  Please take comfort in the fact that he is watching over you from above.

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