This “N” That

Not much happening here at the work place. I think they have a meeting with the new prospective owners this evening??? I’m not going to fret over it, I will cross that bridge when I get to it. 
Today they say is Earth Day and everyone should do something to save the earth, I guess one of the things I could give up is paper plates, I use paper plates for every meal, unless its a holiday or something.  I do catch rain water in the summer to water my flowers and wash my hair in.  Have you ever used rain water to wash your hair, you need no conditioner, it makes it so soft. 
You know I thought I was clumsy, but my neighbor is gotten me beat.  Remember my neighobor I told you about who moved here from Pennsylvania and was so home sick and lonely?  Well she is settleing in, got her and her husband into bowling with us.  Now she loves to do wood working and she was out in her shop making a trellis for her honeysuckle bush and she stepped out of the building and there was this hole and she stepped in it and down she went.  They thought she had broken both of her ankles, but after an MRI they are badly sprained. She also hit her head and she had a knot on it the size of an egg, not to mention she had one of her legs stripped for varicous viens and there were 27 incisions on that leg that she had done the week before.  So they take her away in the ambulance and I’m thinking they will keep her for a few days.
So the next morning I see her husbands vehicle there and on my way to work, I stop and tap lightly on the door in case he is sleeping, well immediately the door swings open, but I see no one, until I look down and there she is on all fours and just started crying when she saw me. I said what are you doing on the floor?  and why aren’t you using crutches or something?  Since both of her ankles are sprained , swollen, black and blue she can’t bear any weight on either.  She like me is a smoker and she had crawled to the back door to smoke and could not get back and her husband was flat of his back, because he pulled it lifing her back into the house that evening on return from the hospital. Why he didn’t call for help I will never know.
Anyway, I helped her get back to the sofa, make her a pot of coffee and arranged everthing she would need until another one of our neighbors could get there to help her out for the rest of the day.  She thanked and thanked me and she said when she pushed that back door open she swore I had wings on my back and was all in a glow.  Now what a compliment, I hate this for her, because I know how independent she is and how frustrating this is to her.  So to help her with her independence I had a wheel chair and she can go to the bathroom now and get in and out of bed by herself. She called me at work and said what a life saver that wheel chair was. She just kept giving me so much thanks and I said honey you would do this for me if it was reversed right? Ok no thanks needed. Thats what friends do for one another.
She is moving around a little now and the husband can walk again, a little stiff, but he is upright again.  Hopefully they will be ok.
Last night was my last night of bowling for the winter league, going to miss all of my great friends for the summer.  They have a summer league, but I have so much yard work in the summer, I just don’t have the time.  To "toot" my own horn I had the highest average for the women bowlers. HOOT HOOT. LOL
One of my jobs I planned to do this spring is to restain my porch floor.  Now I had the steps painted and because they are treated lumber the paint will not stay on, so I had this bright idea to have my son pressure wash the paint off and I would stain them the color of the porch.  Well the pressure washer did not remove all of the paint, so I tried scrapping and all I was doing was digging up the wood and the sander was doing the same thing, taking away too much of the wood.  So I think the term for this look on my steps is called "stressed", well friends they are stressed and so am I!!! LOL Maybe with time the rest of the paint will chip away. I will try and get before and after pictures when I am completley done.
Well, I’ve probably bored you enough, Hope everyone has a great week.
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17 Responses to This “N” That

  1. giggles says:

    OH your poor neighbors!!! They sure are lucky to have you next to them. Here in the neighborhood I live in seems like everybody is busy to make friends with the neighbors. Only time we speak is when someone is leaving or coming in, then its just a wave or a nod. They other day my hubby was pressure washing our sidewalk,1pm on a sunday, and the neighbor that lives behind u s came storming around the corner cussing cause my hubby was making too much noise. He demanded he stop now. He even said "it makes me want to blow my brains out!!" HOws that for neighbors?? Id love to have you as my neighbor.

  2. CAROL says:

    Boy her husand better watch out or he will need a chair too. A nice bench in the bathroom for the tub or shower would be good too. Gracious I cannot think about having two ankles messed up. WHAT a horrible situation for them both. GLAD you were there for them.
    PAPER PLATES are much a thing of the past here in my house. My mother did buy some plastic ones that are lightweight though. She likes them better than the heavy ones we have. Takes just getting used to it really. I cannot tellllll you how many we used to use. I would buy 500 at a time. RIDICULOUS!! I quit drinking soda too.. OH MY that was a hard one to do too!   Anyway.. hope things work out well for you.. I really am thinking that garbage can will be just great to save water in. I have never used rain water for anything before.  Thanks for visiting my space.. sorry I don\’t get around that often to see you. So  many spaces and so little time these days..  Take care..  : )

  3. Just Linda says:

    how fortunate for your neighbour that you stopped by when you did and I sure she truly does appreciate your assistance.  you are a good friend and neighbour, Pat

  4. Kat says:

    You use paper plates everyday and the good stuff on holiday\’s?  Hon, I think you got this one backwards…  You are an Angel and I bet there was a glow about you when that poor woman opened the door, she was probably still seeing stars too from that bump on the head! 
    So after attending the Outdoor Recreation Show this weekend and seeing the PRICES on these little RV\’s, I want to know what kind of people can afford to pay upwards of $400,000 for a efficiency apartment on wheels?  Yee gads!  Them suckers were pricey!!!!

  5. Sue says:

    They are lucky to know youHave a good week Take careSue

  6. Al's says:

    Ooops or Goo Gone spray gel from the local hardware store will remove the remaining paint from your deck.  Just spray either on the paint left and let it stand 15 minutes.  Wipe with a wet sponge and it is gone.  Hope that helps.

  7. Jenny says:

    I swear, Pat, I just wrote a comment to you and wasn\’t quite finished when one of my cats jumped up on the desk, hit my mouse and it was pointed at the back button.  Ker-blam, comment gone.
    I couldn\’t believe what happened to your neighbor! And then her husband!  If you hadn\’t been around at the right moment, that could have been a bad, bad thing.  What luck you went over there when you did!  I know they were both is a lot of pain but there you were to the rescue.  That\’s my Pat for ya — the "bestest" is what you are.  You\’re very right when you say that\’s what friends do, but the way things are these days, most people don\’t even know their neighbors anymore.  Darn shame.  But I\’ll tell you one thing: whoever gets YOU as a neighbor is one lucky person.
    BIG congratulations on the bowling average!!  WTGGGGGGGGGG!!!  Did you get a trophy for it?  I\’d give you a trophy 😀
    Good luck on the deck paint…ugh…..but I think Al had the good idea there and you should try that.
    Hey, Happy Earth Day to you, too.  My contribution for the day was doing NO laundry, lol.  I\’m such a big help (wink).
    Love ya, sweetie    xoxoxo

  8. Yours Truly says:


  9. Jane says:

    Isn\’t the distressed look all the rage?  I think you must have very fashionable steps.
    Can\’t believe your neighbor was surpised to catch sight of your wings and halo… I wouldn\’t be.
    Bad news, Pat.  The furbuster says it is only for use on shedding dogs.  :o(  Which I assume your poodle isn\’t?
    Take care!

  10. Aimee says:

    well good thing you were there to save the day…♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥ 

  11. Bev says:

    They say there are angels on earth….and you had to have been a God-send to your neighbor!!  That\’s what being a good neighbor is all about. 
    I hope you have a good time with your granddaughters.  I am the boring grandma so I got nothin\’ for ya as far was what to do.  We have a Wii* so our older granddaughter should enjoy that next time she comes.  Other than that, we usually get some movies and take her out to eat and we almost always bake cookies.  She is going to be 14 soon, so I am not sure how much longer that is going to be anything less than boring.  I just don\’t know what teenagers like besides shopping and talking on their cell phones!!
    Hugs to you, my friend!!

  12. Charlotte says:

    What a wonderful neighbor you are!!  Yes, wings on your back and in a glow.  God Bless You… hugs, lottemae

  13. DANA says:

    That poor neighbor, my God! I have to say I use to work in a hospital when I lived in Alaska. We always joked that the smokers healed the fastest because here they would be… dragging their IV\’s in those hospital gowns, determination on their faces, headed to the bottom floor and below 20 degree weather to light up a cigarette! It was like some kind of Sci Fi horror movie, the march of the zombies… nothing got in their way!
    Isn\’t that just like a husband, to get himself injured too? No help at all those husbands. LOL
    Well thank God for you huh? I think they would be owing you the bowling shoe rental cost or something… Have a good weekend!

  14. jannaj says:

    Pat you are such a sweetheart. I\’m so glad to have you as a friend. Big ol\’ Hugs to you!   Jan

  15. Bev says:

    Hey Pat!!  I was telling hubby about your working for an RV place.  He was wondering what your feel is for how the industry is doing right now.  He asked me specifically to ask you.  So I am.  He is impressed that you sold units.
    I hope you are doing well, my friend!!  Love ya!

  16. Millie says:

    Thanks for stopping by.  There is nothing like good friends and neighbors and you sound like you are both.  I sure know the extremes a person will go to for a a smoke.  I wish non-smokers were more understanding of (if not forgiving) the addiction.
    ttfn………..visit anytime. We can hav a gigarette and a cuppa together.

  17. Ms Noanie says:

    Thank God for good friend\’s like you Pat – that was most thoughtful of you to take care of your neighbors.  I know you think it is just in the line of what neighbors do, but you are a good and special person to have done that.
    So what\’s the word on the prospective owners?

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