Busy Busy Week-end? Quirks

Very busy at my house this week-end.  First of all I had Grandchildren Galore there, but they all helped me get a lot of jobs done, that otherwise that would have taken me several week-ends. Gotta love them granchildren.
On Friday I picked up the twin grand-daughters , and boy are they little workers.  We stained the stressed steps as well as the porch floor. We worked three wide and the floor now looks like hard wood floors. They did a great job. As for the steps they still look like they are stressed. Hopefully the weather will help me with this!!! After we got the porch done we went to the swing in the yard and re-stained it too. First we had to scrub the winter off it .  Most of the day Saturday we were at the soccer field, they referee two games and then they had a game in which they played in.  Sadly they lost, but they tried.
Then my 18 year old grandson spent the week-end with me too, he also helped with the staining.  I had to send him to the store to get more stain and I let him take my caddy, and he said MaMaw, you just made my day!!! He was grinning from ear to ear. That made me feel good to see him grin so big. Deep down I kept my fingers crossed he would make it back and no dents.  Well ,I heard him coming about two streets over, he had the windows down and was blasting the radio with his music and still grinning. Got to love them, they keep you young. By the way he bought it back in one piece.!! Yeah!!
Hubby is wanting me to trade, the caddy is a gas hog, but he wants me to buy a make I despise and I told him I would drive the caddy until the wheels fall off!!! I know I will have to get a gas efficent car, but I want to pick it out, if he got to pick his big old Diesel out I can pick the car I wanted!!!! We’ll see how it goes. LOL
I also had Hayden, he is adorable, I think I have said that before ????  Hubby and I took him out in the car yesterday, our very first car trip with him.  We did Ok, but Hayden cried the whole time,  I don’t know if he didn’t like the car, wasn’t feeling good, and I told his Mom about it and she said Ma Maw, when I used your car he cried everytime I put him in it!! Ok, I guess the caddy has to go, got to keep Hayden happy!! LOL  Not for while yet, I am not ready for car payments!! I hate them.
Now about Quirks: My friend Jan tagged me because she said she loved Me??? She may not after she reads my quirks???LOL
Quirk #1  Towels in my bathroom have to be stacked color coded, like white , green, white, green Etc: if they are out of order I can not go to bed until I have fixed this!! Wash Cloths have to be folded a certain way.
Quirk # 2  If I see one piece of lint on my carpet, I cannot just pick it up, I have to vacum the whole room. Needless to say I go through a lot of vacums! Same for kitchen floor, something spills, I have to wash the whole floor???
Quirk # 3  NO ONE can cut my lawn to suit me!! I tried hiring it out and then I would go over it, because they left uneven track marks on the lawn. So needless to say at 60 I still cut my own lawn and do my own weed-eating.
Quirk # 4  Did I mention before I do yard work I have to have my hair done and make up on?? Crazy huh, because it usually runs off my face from sweating. But when I start I look good!! LOL
Quirk # 5   I have ear rings to match every outfit I own, plus shoes, everything has to match.
Quirk # 6   Food, if I go to a social gathering, like my bowling banquet I have to know who made what, because I have to know who cooked it as whether I will eat it or not!!
That was hard, because I’m not sure the above is quirks???? Most of my blog friends have already been tagged so I won’t get to tag six, just two , Jennie and Texasbluebonney.  Love you guys.
Ok now that you know I am a basket case everyone have a great week. Pictures will follow in next blog of finished stained porch and stressed steps!!! 
Nuff Said: Pat
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8 Responses to Busy Busy Week-end? Quirks

  1. Kat says:

    Okay you just made me tired, I need a nap…  I honestly don\’t know WHICH med makes me sleepy since ALL but one says \’may cause drowsiness\’ and I had thought the nausea was gone yesterday but it came back today with a vengance – dadgumit!

  2. Sarah says:

    Pat, I\’m a matching fanatic, too. The worst is when I get dressed at home and think that something matches and then get to work or where ever and realize it doesn\’t!! Drives me crazy!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend with your grandkids. I spent a little quality time with my granny this weekend, too.

  3. Just Linda says:

    sounds like you had an awesome weekend with the grandkids which is never a bad thing
    you have to know who made what before you decide to eat it?  I\’m betting that can be interesting at pot luck meals

  4. DANA says:

    Funny funny Pat. I think though it\’s called OCD. (But just an endearing little bitty bit of it) I have a thing about pillows in my living room. My husband tosses them here and there to suit him and then leaves them that way. I like them a certain way. So I also have a itty bit of it too but not that endearing, and of course we\’ve both discussed our lawns. ALthough I let others do it, I don\’t care so much about how it looks, just that it got cut, but they better not miss any spots!
    Oh so much fun with grandkids, mine are all 10 and under. How fun to have grown grandkids!
    I had to laugh about the getty fussied up before mowing. I can just see you! That was so funny! Have a good week!

  5. giggles says:

    Pat I cant imagine having more than one to come over at a time. I\’d think I\’d just go crazy!! You sure do work hard!! but thats what keeps ya young. Glad you had such a good weekend, may it continue all week.
    Ps tell hubby his truck takes more fuel than your caddy…HAHA

  6. Al's says:

    Well, at least I\’m not getting tagged.  See it pays to know about camoflauge, LOL!  And I\’m with you on knowing who cooked what.

  7. Cindy says:

    I had one two-year-old for 24 hours and we just went to the park. I was exhausted.
    You\’re amazing!  (What\’s wrong with matching?)

  8. Rambling says:

    I loved the has to know who made what before you eat it,  Me too.  Why I will never ever buy anything at a bake sale. I also am a stickler about grocery carts and handles/knobs in public places.  I look like a female Howard Hughes probably,

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