Pictures of my hard work & Hayden

Ok here is a picture of the porch floor the girls helped me with. I loved the way the stain turned out and it’s water proof.
You only have to do it every two years.  Ok, here are the ugly stressed steps, I was so hopeing they would turn out like the porch floor, but not happening for a while, Al, one of my blog friends told me to try goo be gone , nothing, would move that ugly mess, so hopefully the weather will over time. You won’t hurt my feeling if you think they suck.don’t they look like they are a hundred years old?
Now , just got to share these of Hayden with you. He is 5 months old now and scooting all over the place. the next picture is of him in his Dragon suit.
Ok, got to get off here, my only sister is coming from Virginia tomorrow and I’ve got to get this house in order. I have not seen her for over a year. We have a great time when she is here.  she is going to help me do mine and Mom’s flower beds. Will try to remember the camera.  Everyone have a great rest of the week. I’m going to take Thrusday, Friday off so I can spend as much time with her as I can.  
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9 Responses to Pictures of my hard work & Hayden

  1. Al's says:

    I wish I was there, I\’d fix those steps.  My Grandad made a homemade tool that works great for that kind of problem.  I really like Goo Gone and am surprised it didn\’t work.  Darn, now I\’ll be mulling over this one all night.  The porch looks fantastic.

  2. giggles says:

    The porch looks fantastic!!!! I wish I had a porch to sit on, all we\’ve got is a…my Momma calls it a "stoop".. I\’m sure you know what I mean. Just enough to get out of the rain while you unlock the door. I would have no idea how to make the steps look like the porch.
    I can\’t believe how much hair Hayden has! He is getting so big. They grow up so fast.
    Enjoy the time off with your sister. send pictures!!

  3. Ms Noanie says:

    Your steps have "character", \’nuff said.
    Hayden is adorable!  Enjoy your time with your sister!

  4. Kat says:

    I\’ve ALWAYS wanted a wrap around or big porch with rocking chairs – I\’m so jealous.

  5. Sarah says:

    That dragon suit is too cute!! I love the back with the little tail. Too funny. The porch looks amazing and the steps actually look kinda cool. Very shabby chic. 😉
    Have a fun weekend with your sister!

  6. Rambling says:

    OH that dragon suit!  OH how sweet is he in that???

  7. Bev says:

    The porch floor DOES look great.  No wonder you are proud!  I don\’t know what to tell ya about the steps though.  My hubby is good with that kinda thing.   I\’ll have to ask him if he has any suggestions.  Hayden just could NOT  be any cuter!!  He looks so huggable!!
    Have a WONDERFUL time with your sister, my friend!!  Hugs to you!

  8. p says:

    What a great job you did, you have worked hard, and it shows and you have every reason to be proud, I would be too my dear.
    I\’m back, but as myself, no more hiding behind a plastic face, lol.  Hope you have a great weekend. xxPauline

  9. JENNALACEY says:


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