Monday Blahs

I hope you all had a good Mothers Day. I cooked lunch for my Mom and two of the three kids showed up for lunch too. We all had a nice visit. Mom loved her bird house, now that means I have to find a tree branch to hang it from for her.  That probably won’t happen until Wednesday, its the only day we are not suppose to get rain.
Yesterday was cold and damp and so is today. Isn’t it funny how the weather affects your attitude. Mine sucks this morning. I came into work and the show room looked like a dump!! I think they party here on week-ends. So first thing I did was run the sweeper, then I cleaned the glass doors and emptied everyone trash can!!  I really wanted to say something, but considering the mood I am in I thought better of it. Just did it and kept my big mouth shut!!!
The other thing that is bothering me is where I live we have a Homeowners Association and we have dues that are due and payable the first of the year. Well, needless to say there are dead beats who just wont pay. These dues maintain our sewer Lagoon. So, after 5 years in arrears the association which I am chairman of decided to sue them for the monies past due which is a sizable sum, which is needed for repairs badly to this lagoon.  Now the thing that bothers me is we are sueing our neighbors and I hate it, but it had to be done or otherwise we would all have to move if we can’t maintain this lagoon.  The EPA is still on our case for some violations and it takes money to fix these violations.  So, we hired a lawyer, (how we are going to pay him I have no clue) and he filed the suit and now everyone is calling and wanting to settle.  So I called the lawyer to see what I should do and he said to me:" I can’t tell you what to do" What??? You are our lawyer, now is it going to be better for us to take this to court or settle???? Its a simple question?   Anyway I’m right in the middle of this mess and you ask why? The former chairman of the association is a preacher and he said he could not do this in his profession, so they voted him out and me in as the hit person!!!!   As soon as I collect the monies for the association I am resigning!!!  Just  a mess!!!  Our dues are only $10.00 a month and they won’t even pay that!! I bet some of your water and sewer bills are a lot higher, right?  I’ve tried to maintain a good relationship with all of our 78 neighbors, but I guess this will blow that away at least with 10 of them huh?  Just hope they don’t try to run me out on a rail!!! or something worse. Will keep you posted.
Sales here have dropped so bad since the price of gas is $3.89 a gallon.  The price of diesel is $4.39 a gallon which takes  to pull some of the larger 5th Wheel campers we have!!!  How can anyone afford to go anywhere??  So , if the new people don’t buy us out we may have to shut down!!!  Thats a bummer for these young men who have so much invested in this place.  This gas thing has gotten way out of hand.
Ok, enough bitching for one day!!!
Hope you are having a good week, maybe mine will get better I hope I hope.
AS Ever
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12 Responses to Monday Blahs

  1. colleen says:

    Wow you really do have a lot on your plate , I don\’t understand why your lawyer can\’t tell you what you should do. but moreover
    I can\’t understand why people can\’t pay $10.00 a month dues. I can certainly see why your in a bad mood, hope you day gets better Hun.
    Love and Hugs,

  2. Sarah says:

    Glad to hear that your Mother\’s Day was nice.
    That\’s weird about the attorney not telling you what to do. Usually they\’ll at least give you a round about explanation of what they think is best. One good thing–if you settle, you\’ll have less attorney\’s fees.
    I sure hope the rest of your week is better than your Monday! It\’s rainy here today, too, it\’s supposed to be until Wednesday I think. Makes me want to stay in bed!

  3. Ms Noanie says:

    It is a depressing time for the economy and our outlooks on life.  The gas prices are affecting us everywhere we turn as they drive up the cost of everything else because it takes gas to get commodities delivered.  Something\’s gotta give, but who know when and for how long we\’ll have to suffer before it does.
    Oh I do not envy your position with your Homeowner\’s association.  And lawyers aren\’t worth the money they are paid.  The one I had for my divorce did very little and every piece of correcpondence that came from his office had typo\’s in it.  There was a document that was being sent to the judge and I caught the errors three different times.  It took forever to get completed because of that.  I just don\’t get it.
    Hopefully better weather is just over the horizon!

  4. Kat says:

    One can never bitch enough when they are having a bad day – so bitch one woman!  I wish I had the answer to the gas prices and how everyone I talk to is afraid of losing their job or company because everything is being jacked up so that everyone can afford the gas prices – it\’s insane and I wish I had just a tiny bit of faith in our government to resolve the issue but sadly I don\’t.  I feel a big ol\’ depression coming on no matter what George says… 

  5. giggles says:

    Oh Pat.. I get so sick of the homeowners association here where we live. My Hubby is the president of it and we get all the complaints. We live in townhomes and some of the people that live here have actually called us to change the lightbulbs in there house!! They think this is like an apt complex and we are the managers of it. This year we voted to raise the dues $10 and one lady sad she didnt want to pay it. Luckly we have a lawyer on the board so she writes them letters and that usually does the trick. Since this lawyer is working for you it is his responsibility to tell you what he think is best for you..
    We have thought about getting a camper but couldnt afford the gas since here it is over $5 a gallon. Good luck and I hope tuesday is a much better day.
    Maybe the sun will be shining tomorrow…that always makes me feel better.

  6. Cindy says:

    I would think the people who pay what they owe including a penalty for making you hire a lawyer (and to pay for the useless bugger) and you drop the case against them … proceed against the others.   Honestly these kinds of people really tick me off …

  7. Bev says:

    Heaven knows I have done MY share of whining and moaning in my blog.  I think it\’s only fair that YOU get to do so too, my friend!  Your neighbors have no one to blame but themselves and their ignorance if they are being sued.  It sounds like you all gave them plenty of chances to pay up.
    Hugs to you dear Pat!!

  8. p says:

     Hi Pat, it\’s nice to let it out once in a while, the weather here today is not that nice.
    But it has been nice and I don\’t think there will be much travelling this summer with
    the price of gas.  Hope you have  a great day my friend, xxPauline

  9. Ms Noanie says:

    Hey kiddo, have you gotten over your blahs yet?

  10. p says:

    Hi Pat, yes life is full of surprises you have to enjoy it when you can.  Thanks for dropping by and all your kind comments, you are a super lady. I talked to Jenna today to let her know about Dee, she was surprised and not.  Stress can kill anyone. Hope you have a great evening, and take good care. xxPauline

  11. Kat says:

    Don\’t leave me Pat!  You could always go private and let only people in that you want in…

  12. Eileen says:

    I think you are entitled to bitch.  You are getting knocked around.  But you still reamin seeing the good stuff and being grateful for that.

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