Keeping My Space

This week I have been thinking about closing My space, nothing that none of my dear friends have done, just didn’t seem like I could keep up, so much going on in my life right now.
I came to my space this morning with every intention of shutting it down and I read another friends blog and I knew right then that I could not, not that we’ve met or anything, but I care about all of you that I’ve made friends with in the last year. I do so enjoy your stories, life’s problems whatever you share, it let me get to know each of you better.  So, how can I just say thats it, I’m not doing this anymore????  Friends do not give up on friends.
I tend to worry about some of my comments, did I say that right, did I offend this person??  Please know that if I do say something and its not presented right, let me know and I will try to explain what I was trying to say!!!  I asked myself can I do this and not see how everyone is doing, whats right in their lives, wrong, happy times???? No, I can’t. So I may not post often because most of you know I’m an outside person and hopefully summer will be here soon.
So, please know that I will check in on you and if I ever get some quiet time to myself I will post.
A little up date on Hayden, he now has one front tooth, this kid is not 6 months old and already has three teeth!!!  He is such a cutie.
Hubby went to our camp yesterday to open it up, so hopefully I can go there some on the week-ends if we can afford the gas. Today it is 3.99 a gallon and diesel is 4.49 and I heard on the news one town close to us has gone to $4.05 a gallon. Wonder what it will be by Memorial Day????
This week I’m working 6 days, my bosses grandmother died and I have to cover for him.  This is no problem he would do the same for me.  Well, I will end here, need to order flowers for his grandmother. 
Hope everyone has a great week-end, me I will be trying to sell campers.
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20 Responses to Keeping My Space

  1. Kuskulana says:

    You never have to feel like you have to "keep up" as far as I am concerned.
    If you enjoy the outdoors then you should be out there as much as possible.
    It happens to work for me that I can get out and post pretty often.
    I don\’t get around visiting as much as I used to either, but I enjoy seeing everbody when I can.
    Take Care!

  2. Sue says:

    Hi PatI for one are glad your not closing your spaceHave a wonderful weekendTake careSue

  3. p says:

    Pat, you offending anyone, you are one of the sweetest woman I know, honestly, I would miss you if you left.  This is not a competition with us, we write when we feel like it.  You working a lot 6 days is lots.  Try not to work to hard.  I went for a hike early this morning see my grandaughter leave on the schoolbus, she was surprised to see me there.  I was puffing at the top of the hill, I can tell you this.  Hayden with 3 teeth and that young is a lot, my kids used to walk before they got teeth, lol.  Have a great weekend my friend, xxxPauline

  4. Kat says:

    It was my whining, that did it for you, didn\’t it?  LOL – I for one am glad you are sticking around!  BTW – if friends can\’t say what they really mean without the fear of offending someone who can?  Keep being you, that\’s why I love you!

  5. CAROL says:

    YAY!! So glad you are leaving it open now!!  I mean I would miss ya !!  Iknow that work and a family and summertime is a busy time for everyone. So sorry about the loss of a loved one for anyone. It is so hard to deal with. My condolences to them. DO not work too hard now and come back and blog whenever you want to.. It is totally your space and you do what you want to.. I am just glad you are leaving it open to us all!  : )  HAPPY WEEKEND !!

  6. colleen says:

    I am so glad you decided to keep your space as I have enjoyed reading your blogs and the comments you leave on my space your just one of those people who have become near and dear to my heart even though I\’ve only known you a short time you just have such a sweet spirit about you and you would be dearly missed even if you dont post often it\’s just nice to know how your doing. And what you\’ve been up too. Take care….Colleen

  7. Barb says:

    Pat, I know I\’ve had to step away from the keyboard for days, weeks, even months at times but the draw is always there to come back and check in on the friends I\’ve come to appreciate here in cyberland.  Summer time is busy busy busy so you\’ll notice a lot of folk will post less frequently as the nicer season draws them outside into other activities.  Do what makes sense to you on any given day and never pull the plug…just post a sign saying "Gone Fishin\’" so you can always return when the demands of life ease up a bit.
    Sorry to hear about your boss\’s grandmother.  I\’m sure he appreciates that you were flexible enough to cover for him during this time.
    Take care and enjoy your summer!  Drop around when your time allows but feel no guilt for having a life offline! It is allowed you know LOL
    Barb 🙂

  8. Ms Noanie says:

    I\’m glad you\’re going to stick around – we\’d miss you if you were gone, but I do understand the need to step away once in a while.  I actually took off for about 2 years but I still read and commented on people\’s blogs.  I only want to write when I have something in mind to say, not because I have to say something.  I enjoy reading the everyday trials and joys of others but still I often wonder if my own entries sound boring and trite – well not today\’s entry that one is a prize!  That information is always a souce of interesting conversation whenever I tell it. 
    Thanks for your good wishes for my trips, I\’ll try to send some sun on up but I think they are actually calling for thunderstorms most of the time I\’m in FL.  Hopefully the weather will be better in NE.  I\’ll be posting pictures when I get back.  Have a good weekend!

  9. Aimee says:

    just know that your blog is YOURS…for YOUR opinions…that is why it is YOURS! don\’t walk away from something you have made… 
    ♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  10. Bev says:

    Pat, I am SO glad to hear you are not closing your blog.  I would miss you terribly…and I know others would too!!  We love you out here in blogdom!!  I always look forward to your posts.  I know that life gets in the way sometimes and it is hard to get to blogging.  But, please come back whenever you can!!  I mean…we GOTTA know how you are doing.  We gotta keep up with little Hayden.  Things that are important to you, are important to us too because we care.
    I treasure the friendship we have made…even though we\’ve never met.  You are my sistah in the love of all things camping, and the love of our critters, and the love of the little ones!! 
    Hugs to you, dear friend!!

  11. DANA says:

    Pat, you are always one of the very first people to comfort, and uplift. I would sorely miss you if you gave up your blog. If you need a break for awhile that\’s ok, at least I could still visit your page. You are such a good friend on here, I hope (selfish as this is) that you continue.

  12. p says:

    Dear Friends,My internet access is going to be intermtitent for a few days more.  We had 163% of normal snowfall this winter and a cool spring.  The last few days we\’ve been climbing into the mid 80\’s and low 90\’s, therefore the snowpack here in the Rocky Mountains is melting at a very fast rate and flooding is occuring.  All 4 rivers running through our valley are expected to jump the banks.  Some underground phone and fiber optic lines have already been damaged and is causing sporatic service.  We are under evacuation warning at present and I will try to keep you updated as I can. I miss you all and miss being able to blog.  If you can get in touch with other of by blogging friends to let them know what is going on I\’d appreciate it.   My condolences to those of you who suffered the loss of Sweet Dee.  She was a nice lady. I must go and pull my shift at sandbagging along the creek that runs through our neighborhood. Take care all of you and I love each and everyone.Al
    Just in case you havent\’ heard, I just received this.  Take good care, xxPauline

  13. Charlotte says:

    Ah Patsy  I am glad that you are blogging.  It doesn\’t matter how often you blog or visit, it is just nice to know you and that we stop in to see each other occasionally.  I enjoy you as a blogging friend.  Thanks for not closing down.  hugs, lottemae

  14. Sarah says:

    Glad to hear you decided to stick around! Thanks so much for the well wishes.

  15. ann says:

    I would miss you so very much if you closed your site . I don\’t get a lot of time just now either but you know summer is not here for ever and it is nice to keep in touch we have quite a lot in common . Take care Pat .   Ann xxx

  16. June says:

    Whew!  You had me goin there for a minute.  I\’m glad you\’re not closing up shop!  This busy-busy stuff seems to be hampering everyone\’s blogging time lately.  Hang in there.  It\’s gotta slow down sometime.  Right?  Tell me I\’m right, or I\’m seriously headed over the edge!!
    Take care Pat!

  17. Babblelot says:

    All your friends here like you for you. I don\’t expect my friends to be able to pop by my blog everyday like I can\’t theirs. But to know we have friends whom we can look for uplifting or a great diversion from life\’s problems, well we\’re all here and it gives a personal spot on the internet. Glad you will stay blogging.

  18. Al's says:

    You are one of my most steadfast and cherished friends.  I really appreciate all that you are and all that you do.

  19. jannaj says:

    I have not been blogging or visiting much. Between working and worrying on the days I don\’t have work, and the great weather for being outside… I just haven\’t been around Spaces much the past couple of weeks. I miss my friends and think about them, but I hope everyone understands if we sometimes have slow times here. Don\’t even think about closing your wonderful blog, there are no rules how often to post…thank goodness!    Much Love,  Jan

  20. Greg says:

    Pat,Although we have only just met…let me offer you this advice from someone that blogs on points that gets more than my fair share of diverse comments and opinions.  Take each one with a grain of salt…do not worry about how someone may interpret your comments….that is the wonderful part of Network Socialization!  Freedom to be who you truly are and to be able to share your belief\’s throughout a diverse network of people.  There will always be those that you can\’t please no matter what or how you state something.  I am glad that you accepted my friend\’s invite and look forward to being able to share part of my world with you!  Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend!Greg

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