July 4th & Other Tid Bits

I can’t believe it two blogs in one day! Now thats not slacking huh?
I woke up on the fourth and it was raining not just your ordinary rain, pouring down!!!  So I chicken out and did not go to the annual parade, even though my grand-daughter was the head Field Commander of the High School Band this year. Bad Grandma!  She had to walk backwards for 2.5 miles and bless her heart she stepped into horse poop, you would have thought some one would have yelled step to the left Sarah!! See i should have went.
I stayed home and fixed the best cook out ever even though I had to cook it on the back porch.  I had several of the neighbors over, my Mom and my oldest daughter and her family.  I fixed steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, & green beans and the neighbors bought pickled beets and eggs, marcaroni salad, fruit salad, potato salad & wate gate salad. We had lots of fresh fruit too with that delicious dip.  My friends from Ky did not show, I don’t know if the rain changed their plans. We also celebrated my son-in-laws birthday too.  Mom made him a cake.  We all had a good time even though it rained.  I had horse shoes, bean bag toss but we could not play because of the rain. Oh well another time maybe?
On Saturday, hubby wanted me to go check out some VW’s like the diesel Jetta!! Did I tell you how much I dislike small cars?  It was ok, had plenty of power but I felt like I was sitting on the ground.  Anyway it was a demo and the dealership did not know when they would get more in.  Yeah!!!  So, for now my caddy is safe!!
When I got back Mom and I went to the flea Market, looked and looked but didn’t find one thing I had to have.  I could have bought new for what they had some of their stuff priced for.
Got up early this morning and weeded the big flower bed.  Then went and cleaned the fish pond and hubby and I decided we needed another filter, so he says lets take the motorcyle!!  I said OK , since I have not been on it for about five years. I said do you know where my helmet is?  After about 1/2 hour he found it, so I had to clean it up but under the helmets liner all the  foam had dry rotted and was falling out like sand. I said I don’t want to put that on my hair and he said being the man  he is give it here I will fix it for you.  Yes out came the duct tape, now how red neck is that?  LOL  Ok, helmet is fixed all I have to do now is throw my leg across this thing and hang on!!!  Alright I am on and lock both thumbs in his jeans belt loops like that was a seat belt or something.   Surprisely, I had a good time, I felt like I was 40 again heading out on another adventue with him…  I thought since he was older we would not go as fast, WRONG, he will not tolerate anyone in front of him!! Coming home after our trip to the farm store we were heading down this hill and there were three cars ahead of us and the on coming lane was clear and I knew he was going to pass all three. Yup at 100 mph we passed them , how do I know we were going 100 because my helmet was being pulled way back off my head and it was at this point I looked at the dial and I was right.  That use to be a thrll for me to go that fast but not anymore, so I locked the old thumbs a little tighter.  Anyway I had a good time on it, don’t think I am ready for a trip yet???
Changed the filter on the fish pond and had the neighbors over to help eat the left over food from the fourth.  It tasted as good as today as it did on the fourth.
Got Hayden around 5:30, had not seen him in three days,  was so glad to see him and I think he missed us too.  He spent the week-end with my youngest daughter, as she calls herself his Nana.  He is such a joy ..
Ok, enough said, I’ve got to go iron an outfit for tomorrow.  Back to the old grind stone.  Hope you all have a great week.
As Ever,
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13 Responses to July 4th & Other Tid Bits

  1. Al's says:

    Yeehaaa! 100 mph is so much fun.

  2. Greg says:

    Wow….nothing wrong with multiple blogs in one day!  Lord knows I do it more than frequently!  LOL !  Take it one day at a time and I know your week will be filled with many wonderous events for you to sare with us!  Have a wonderful and blessed week my friend!

  3. Kat says:

    For some reason that song keeps playing in my head – what is it?  Oh yea!  BORN TO BE WILD!  You go Pat!

  4. Bev says:

    Woohoo!!  Good posts Miss Pat!!  BTW…I did your "tagged" thingy.  I was a good girl!  hehehe
    I like riding motorcycles, but NOT that fast.  I woulda been beating on hubby saying…slow down!!  Isn\’t it amazing what all you can fix with duct tape??  Whoever invented that stuff was just a genious!
    I am so glad you had a good 4th in spite of the weather.  It was hot and humid here, but we had no rain in our little town.   I bet Hayden was as glad to see you as you were to see him.  He\’s a lucky little boy to have you in his life!
    Have a great week, my friend!

  5. Aimee says:

    a Jetta is small? lol…should have drove my Swift…ha ha ha…try a Magnum…i love ours!♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  6. JENNALACEY says:


  7. CAROL says:

    HOLY CRAP.. 100 MPH. UH UH. NO WAY JOSE.. no one would get me on one of those.. I drove past a semi once that had a smallish car underneath it smashed to bits. I am terrified of motorcycles and small tiny cars. I need METAL between me and PURE AIR! Ahhh then I feel 1/2 secure. Hope you have a great rest of the week.  : ) 

  8. Ms Noanie says:

    That sounds like such a nice weekend!  And God bless your soul for getting on that motorcycle and travelling at 100 mph!!!  I\’d be scared to death!  Had to laugh at the duct tape on the helmet!
    Have a good week.  Peace

  9. colleen says:

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun I\’m with you about the motorcycles I used to love to ride on the back when I was younger but 100 mph, I don\’t think I could have handled that in my 20\’s my sister and her husband love to take his harley up to lake Tahoe whenever they get the chance and they\’re older then us I always tell her her he\’s going through a mid life crisis LOL isn\’t 50 the new 40? I\’m joking of course. Hey the weeks half over it\’s almost the weekend again!! Have a great day Pat!

  10. Ms Noanie says:

    To fill you in further on Bachelor #2 – he is 6\’4", handsome, intelligent and very personable.  I felt there was chemistry and I think he did too – hey he kissed me goodbye on the mouth – nothing overt, just a straight on kiss.  We\’ll see how that pans out.

  11. Al's says:

    I hate to say it, but you\’ve been tagged again.  Stop by my blog for the rules and have fun.

  12. Ms Noanie says:

    Happy (and in my case soggy) Monday!  Hope you had a good weekend!  Bad news on the cute guy front – haven\’t heard back from him since Wednesday.  I\’m guessing he\’s found another – oh well, then it wasn\’t meant to be. 

  13. Pau says:

    Thanks Pat, you\’re sweet, we are working on Jenna, I just love my apartment and my life right now.  I have a big chip lifted off my shoulder and hubby and I are still civilized.  I think he\’s happy that it happened to.  I just had more guts to do the first step, not easy but had to be done.  Take good care xxlove, Pau

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