A theif among us.

Finally its Friday, I am so glad , this has been a terrible week for me, nothing I can share, but hopefully my weekend will be better.
As I told you before I work for the RV place and the ATV place and I mingle with all the employees of both places, all being men!!!
There was this one young man who worked for the ATV place, around 25 I would guess, so polite, well dressed, clean cut and one of the nicest smiles I have ever seen.  Well I guess for weeks cash has been coming up missing from their cash box and they had not said anything to anyone, just kept watching and waiting.  Well, yesterday one of the owners had the cash box on his desk, had counted his money and checks and was going to make deposit after his lunch break.  He came back from lunch break and yes the cash was missing, not the checks, well owner confronted two of who he thought had taken the money and yes he fessed up , yes the polite young man who has a wife and kid.  When confronted he said yes I took it and the owner said I want my money back. He had taken $600.00 yesterday and only had $400.00 of the money he had taken and asked where was the other $200.00 he replied I went to Se*rs and purchased a new tool box.  Well, needless to say the cops arrived and he was taken away.  I guess since he was hired in July he has stolen about $3500.00!! I just could not believe it, makes me sad because if he needed money I know the owners would advance him money.  Now he has ruined his young life. 
Now, lets see I was planting some mums in my big flower bed when a neighbor from up the hill stopped and asked me this question: This neighbor I do not know. She says to me is that your little white poodle?  I said yes thinking oh no Benji has been out sparking again.  Ok lady what do you want from me is what I was thinking. Puppy support, food what? She says would you be interested in Studding him out? What?  She said I have a male but he throws ugly puppies and I think If my dog and yours mated I would get some pretty puppies.  Ok, lady I really need to get back to planting my mums, I really don’t want to talk about dogs mating!!! I told her I would have to think on it?? Not really, I just wanted to be left alone so I could finish my planting.  So she leaves and Benji as always is right beside me and I looked at him and said: "Someone thinks you are a Stud Muffin"!!! Finish planting and decided that would be a NO on the stud service, I don’t even know this lady and she maybe running a puppy mill and I will not be a part of anything like that. I’m not saying that is what she is doing, but just to stay safe No not happening.
I guess tonight I’m going to the football game and watch my grand daughters preform.  The Band had competition last week and the band came in third, but my grand daughter who is the Field Commander took First!!! Go Sarah. She has so much rythym, I just dont know where she gets it from. But she can surely take charge of a band!!!
The grandson who is living with me is doing well so far and I’m really proud of him, hopefully he will continue on this path. I want things to work out for him so much. He is a sweet kid, like I said before he need direction and believe you me I can give direction if needed. Some say this is our honeymoon period, but I am hopeing its for good. Time will tell.
A little update on Hayden, he is pulling up and walking around everything and into everything.  I think by next month he will be walking and he has the cutiest personallity. Its hard to believe in a couple of months he will be a year old. Time just flies by.
Last evening my friend and I made fall decorations for my Mom’s place. We went to my garden and cut down the corn stalks and made display, added leaves , scarecrow, still need to find her some punkins to put around it. They are out, just have not had the time to go buy some.  Maybe this weekend.
I’m off this weekend, don’t know what I’m going to get into, I have Hayden Saturday night, so what I need to do I need to do before 4:30 PM.  Because when he is there its Me and Hayden. 
Hope you all have a great weekend.
As Ever,
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16 Responses to A theif among us.

  1. Pau says:

    Just to tell you that we can\’t really go by appearances, they often deceive, great smile…wow…but they still do the crime, tht\’s too bad, cause I don\’t think they realize what their actions will cost them…I hope you have a great weekend dear…and enjoy xxhug, Pauline

  2. Patricia says:

    sad about the young man…have run into things like that myself at the high school level…disheartening…
    good job, Sarah…she has the music in her…
    stud muffin…lol…better watch, she\’ll be walkin\’ by with her dog…
    taking care of Mom again…she\’ll love the decorations for fall…you\’re a good girl…
    it\’s the same way when my granddaughter is here…very hard to try to do anything else…so, don\’t even try anymore…lol…good excuse, huh?…
    take care…

  3. Rhonda says:

    I\’m sorry you had such a tough week…so sad that people feel they have to take things instead of just asking for help.  Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned…Hayden will keep you busy and occupied.  Enjoy the game tonight!

  4. CAROL says:

    OH Pat I am so sorry you had a bad week.. I pray next week will be better. Hope everything works out for that fella. If he had been buying clothing or food wonder if that would have made some difference. What the heck makes people THINK they can just get away with this behavior is BEYOND my comprehension? SO right his life is just ruined. Sounds like you have been really busy in life.. with all things fall and with the grandkids.. Hope you have a great weekend and do somethng great for yourself!! Take care..  : )

  5. Rambling says:

    People like that, with the nice smile..good appearance are many times simply putting on a front (I know you know that) in order to deceive you.  One of my former friends has a son like that.  He steals for dr-u*gs though. They are always such an unfailing disappointment when they are in it for those substances as they will victimize anyone including their parents.  Thank the good Lord mine weren\’t like that but I have seen too many families afflicted .

  6. DANA says:

    Oh how disheartening and sad. I think though because I had all sons and every young man makes me think of mine, I probably would have had someone shadow him at work and let him know he would have to have someone with him at all times until he could be trusted again and would have made him work that money off. He would have learned a great deal more than just going to jail.
    Of course I\’ve taken in foster kids for over 15 years so naturally go that direction instead of the police. It does ruin their lives when they go to jail and then they meet people who teach them to be more criminal. It\’s probably good I don\’t run a business!
    Hayden sounds like a joy. I love that discovery age. I think your grandson will do just fine, he\’s got a pro watching over him!
    Hey by the way could your dog be my puppies baby daddy? LOL

  7. Kat says:

    LOL – You can whore out your dog and I will whore out my boys!  JUST KIDDING PEOPLE!  Hope your weekend is awesome!

  8. Kat says:

    LOL – You can whore out your dog and I will whore out my boys!  JUST KIDDING PEOPLE!  Hope your weekend is awesome!

  9. Sarah says:

    I\’m laughing at Kat\’s comment…you two could be quite the pair!! 🙂
    I hope you have a good weekend and I sure hope next week is better for you, too.

  10. Charlotte says:

    Oh, what a week you have had for sure…  Enjoy your weekend with little Hayden… hugs, lottemae

  11. Sue says:

    I Hope you have a great weekendTake careSue

  12. Al's says:

    Someone once called me stud muffin, but immediately recanted by saying I was mostly muffin, hmmmmm, was I insulted, LOL!  A lot of the people I have dealt with in Security work that ended up in police cars were the good looking, friendly, married with children ones.  These attributes act as camoflauge for them as they know people have the opposite stereotype of what a bad guy looks like.
    Love ya,

  13. Ms Noanie says:

    Sorry I didn\’t get around sooner – life is getting in the way.  What a lousy schmuck!  Glad they caught him.
    Sounds like life is keeping you busy as well.  I don\’t think I know how to just sit and do nothing.  That would totally drive me nuts! 
    Go for the dog stud thing – its something else to keep you busy! LOL
    Be well  Peace

  14. colleen says:

    Hi Pat,
    Sorry, I haven\’t been around in awhile I\’m sure you understand though, Sorry to hear about the young man who stole all that money what a shame, I think that was a bit brazen of your neighbor to just approach you about mating your dog with hers but I had to chuckle about what you said to Benji, Sounds like you have a very talented grandaughter, You must be so proud! Glad to hear things are working out good having your grandson there. sounds like you had fun decorating your moms place I sure wish we lived closer I think you\’d be great fun to hang out with, Yes its amazing how fast the kids grow each time I see my grandkids they seem to have grown sooo much. Enjoy you weekend off and go have some fun! ~Hugs~Colleen

  15. Patricia says:

    thank you for your visits and telling me about your grandchildren…I only have one…I\’ve never been to the Pumpkin Festival…bet they have pumpkin pie!…have problems with my computer and will have to take it to the computer guy…don\’t know if or when I will be back…lost all my files, don\’t know if he can find them for me or not…all my pictures, everything…you take good care over there in Jackson…

  16. Sarah says:

    Thanks, Pat, for your nice note. 🙂

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