A Thanksgiving Memory

Everyone has some special memory about Thanksgiving and Christmas from earlier years of their life and since tomorrow is Thanksgiving I thought I would share this memory with you all.
It was the early 70’s and I had three children, ages 4, 5 & 1.  With all the expenses of just having three kids, a mortage, car payment, utilities etc; not much left over for buying all the Thanksgiving trimmings not to even mention a turkey. 
As you recall I told you I was raised on the east coast where if it didn’t have fins, feathers or shells we didn’t eat.  Now with this said and my dad being an avid hunter I asked him if he was going goose hunting anytime soon.  Yes we ate a lot of Candian Goose if prepared correctly is very good.  He said no, I have to work why do you ask?  Hated to tell him I could not afford a turkey for that years Thanksgiving so I though I would cook a goose. (sorry for the pun).
Back in the 70’s CB radios were very big, don’t know if you remember them or not, but we all had them and I even had a base station in my house since my husband was into electronics we had it all as for as electronic equipment. Now we talked on a different channel than the truckers who used them.  I think truckers used channel 19 and so we used channel 17 to do our talking.
As you know everybody had a handle or a code name you used for talking.  My dad’s was Sea Dog since he spent so much time on the water and he gave me my handle/name as , are you ready for this? Sweet Thing to which I later changed to the Captains Daughter.
A couple of days later here was the radio conversation:
"Breaker Breaker Sea Dog to Sweet Thing" 
"Come in Sea Dog This is Sweet Thing"
"Meet me on side of the road (as he had to pass my house to go get on the tug boat)in about 15 minutes"
I meet him on side of the road and I open his truck door and he hands me this huge turkey that was around 25 Pounds and I just stand there and he says to me you and them babies will have Turkey for Thanksgiving.  He drives off and I get back on the CB radio and thank him.  He asked if its enough and I said yes daddy it is , but I don’t know if I have a platter big enough to put this huge turkey on, maybe I can cut a piece of cardboard and make one cover it with Reynolds Wrap. Just cook the turkey he said the rest will take care of itself.
Next morning:
"Breaker Breaker Sea Dog to Sweet Thing"
"Go ahead Sea Dog this is Sweet Thing"
"Meet me on side of the road in about 15 minutes"
Again , standing on side of the road waiting for Daddy he pulls up and hands me the largest Turkey platter I had ever seen. He says to me that should hold that bird?  Yes daddy it should and thank you I will keep it always.
So today when I pulled out that platter yes after 30 some odd years I still have that platter, memories of Sea Dog and how he took care of me that Thanksgiving will always be with me.
So Sea Dog know that I will always love you and thanks for my memeories.
As Ever,
Sweet Thing.
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21 Responses to A Thanksgiving Memory

  1. Beth says:

    Pat, your memory was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Jane says:

    I remember those CB radios… Never had one though. But that was a lovely story… You have really cheered me up no end. Such lovely memories of a dearly loved father.

  3. Al's says:

    Have a woderful Thanksgiving, Sweet Thing.  Thank you for sharing.
    Love ya,

  4. Sarah says:

    That is such a sweet memory! Happy thanksgiving!!

  5. giggles says:

    That is a wonderful memory Pat. Hope you have the best thanksgiving ever.Enjoy!

  6. Pau says:

    What great memories…Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving darling, xxhugs, Pauline

  7. Babblelot says:

    Be\’in an X-cb\’er myself You made me get a box of tissues!! I had a beam on my house.Wonderful story Pat. Truely wonderful. Well have tah back on outtah here Sweet Thang…73\’s & 88\’s……..Cola Baby

  8. Kat says:

    Sweet Thing – you just made me cry like a big fat baby!  Thank you for sharing!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Love, Kat

  9. DANA says:

    What a wonderful memory. There\’s nothing like your Daddy to know what you need and come through for you! It reminded me of my Daddy too! When the volcano blew in Alaska when we lived there, Daddy called the instant he heard to tell me in detail what I needed to do to my car to prevent the car from breaking down. Love those Daddys!

  10. Ms Noanie says:

    Pat,  Thank you for sharing that lovely memory.  I can imagine the love you must feel each time you pull the platter out to use it.
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Be well.  Peace

  11. Jim says:

    Thanks for The touching Thanksgiving memory. In my youth my folks on a Missouri farm didn\’t celebrate any holliday as I remember. After I was married her folks went all out in all hollidays and this was a new and wonderful things for me.
    I do enjoyed reading your blog. Glad I found it. Jim

  12. Windows Live says:

    Why yes, i to remember the CB\’s, we used them often in Northern BC, as we ran a tow-truck and service station, they were a gals best friend.  I think all girls had a daddy that was there for us when we needed them, i for one still do.  You have a great thanksgiving day with family and friends, and thanks for the memories, Hugs Bonnie

  13. Charlotte says:

    Patsy, You have me in tears!!  What a precious memory.  Thank you for sharing…. and thanks for all the visits and comments during this time… You are much appreciated and I am very Thankful for your blog friendship. hugs, lottemae

  14. Rambling says:

    Pat, you had me teared up.  I loved that story.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing.  (((HUGS)))

  15. Ms Noanie says:

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.  I\’ve had my fill of Turkey for this year.  Got the family picture taken now I\’m writing my term papers – just taking a brief break to visit some friends 🙂  Be well.  Peace

  16. Bev says:

    Hey Pat!!  I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Aren\’t our memories precious things to hold onto?
    Thanks for the encouragement!  I am feeling much much better!
    Hugs and love to you, friend!

  17. Ms Noanie says:

    Ah ha!  You caught me reading my blog! <walking away with my head hung in shame> 😉

  18. jannaj says:

    Thanks for sharing those memories. Thanksgiving is all about the memories for me, I carry on a lot of what my mom did, just to be close to her.  Big \’ol hug to you!  jan

  19. June says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh – that is sooooo sweet! My eyes are welled up now and my mascara is running – and everyone at work is wondering what the heck is wrong with me!! But I\’m glad you shared this!!!

  20. Jenny says:

    What a great post, Patsy! Yes, you are that Sweet Thing. I\’m soooo glad to be back and catch up; of course I\’m muddling my way through this new stuff just like everyone else, and I\’m cursing like a crazy person with almost every click. But the GOOD part is being able to finally "see" everyone again and catch up on all the news.I read back a ways and ohhhh, I\’m sorry about your Caddie; I get like that, too. Shoot, on the leaving of one of my cars, it took me years to get over it — I still think about that baby and wish I had it back.Poor Benji, sheared to the bone again. Keep the shears hidden :DI can\’t wait to see your new "do", and I\’ll bet you don\’t look anything like a squirrel like you say. You couldn\’t, even with a bag over your head. But you know the jog suit you have on in that pic? Loden green, I think….well, I have that exact same suit in black, red, taupe, and chocolate — yep, 4 of them; and then another hoodie type in both pink and turquoise. Love those things. You can dress \’em down and dress \’em up.Wanted to tell you that once I can chow down on steak, I\’m using YOU as my inspiration to get my old bod back. You always stay so trim and fit that you\’re the one to follow, and lord knows I need to get back in shape. For now, though, it\’s still the pasta vats, lol. I\’ll be seeing you soon, gal XOXOXO

  21. Patricia says:

    I\’m glad I took time to read this, Pat…it really does warm the heart…it\’s a wonderful story and memory of a special father…and to him you were "Sweet Thing"….

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