I’m Loosing it!!!

I know all of you, my space friends thinks she has gone off the deep end.  I planned on deleting this space on Friday and when I went to do this, It said I would loose everything, including, messenger, email etc; made my head hurt!!! I know I posted my new home http://patsystanley.blogspot.com but I know some of you are having trouble finding me and if you do its hard to leave a comment!!!  Well I don’t want to loose all of you, I added you to my new home , those of you I had your urls to list.
I did not have all of them and some would not let me. ???? 
Ok, so am I able to keep two blogs a going? I think not.  I like blogspot , it’s not difficult as this place is but I hate loosing all of you. So, again I think I will hang around for a while until I get this all figured out.  They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but this old dog never did go down without a fight!!! So, I’ve got my boxing gloves on and I’m going to really try and figure all this crap out!!!!
Ok, enough b*tching, on to other things:  I wrapped my last Christmas present today and was so thankful to have it done.  I had to get it done to celebrate Christmas with my kids next Saturday as I’m giving them their Christmas early before I go home for Christmas with my sister.   I did manage to get my wreaths up on my windows today and do my post beside the driveway and thats all the decorating I’m doing this year since I won;t be here for Christmas.  In saying this no one will have to watch me climb the ladder with their finger on the dial for 911!!! My neighbors can’t believe I get up on that ladder and hang all those lights , Not to worry this year. LOL
I didn’t have Hayden this weekend. I miss that little guy when he is not here!!  He is walking now and into everything!!  I’ll say No No Hayden and he turns and looks at me with that big toothy grin and I just melt.  Here is a more peaceful picture of him and Benji. Benji is so protective of him. Hayden had wore Benji out too.
    It was a warm 54 degrees here today. Suppost to turn colder by Tuesday.  Glad I got those wreaths up today.
Hope you all have a great week. Take care and I will check in on you tomorrow that is if I can find you!! LOL
As Ever
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14 Responses to I’m Loosing it!!!

  1. Rambling says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture! That is precious! Both of them just babies in a way. I hope you keep the Space here…we have lost so many really…but whatever you so, I hopw to keep up with ya. Don\’t want to lose you either. (((HUGS)))

  2. Pau says:

    Patsy darling, It\’s nice to hear you\’ll hang around for a while, it would be a shame to lose you now…maybe there\’s a reason for it, who knows…I love the picture of Hayden, it\’s priceless, they are so precious aren\’t they…Will talk to you later, take good care darling. xxhug, Pauline

  3. Babblelot says:

    Oh such a sweet picture! I love it! Of course Benji looks just like my Augie and well Hayden is so darn cute I want a grandbaby!!!Deleting your blog will lose more than your blog I know. I\’m sure you will do just fine. WE will find U! Lol!!! If I have to comment my post from my blog onto your guestbook I\’ll keep you updated. Oh wouldn\’t that be a hoot to come to your blog and all your friends left you their daily blog posts on your guestbook! Lol!!! How bout that? hey I pulled out my little tree today the fiber optic kind an stuck her on an end table. Tah dah! That wasn\’t so hard after all…heehee. Maybe I am getting in the mood after all. I\’m glad you are not getting on that ladder! Have a wonderful holiday season. Be safe and be careful! Now I\’m sounding like Beth eh? Well we care about each other. Keep warm!

  4. DANA says:

    That is the most precious picture. 54 degrees? Egads you lucky girl, it\’s below zero here! BRRRR

  5. Technogran says:

    You are lucky Patsy I just wish it was so warm here! I am absolutely freezing! If you can manage to find my blog, then I am currently posting up some helpful \’How to\’s\’ to help friends like you to find everything on here. Take a look Patsy at http://technogranny.spaces.live.com/ and then see if any of my posts will help you to figure everything out. I will be doing some more about how to adjust your settings and make sure that every one of your friends can find you (and visa versa that you can find them!) take care oh, and send some of that warm weather over here! Love the pic by the way!

  6. Al's says:

    Hayden is such an angel. I\’m glad you are sticking around. This place hasn\’t been the same without you.Love Ya,Al

  7. CAROL says:

    PATSY. so happy to find you anywhere. I will be looking that is for sure. UPDATES are hard to find here and are not showing on a lot of people\’s network pages. OH that is a darling picture of the both of them.. so CUTE they are together even sleeping!! Wonder how long the nap was.. hehehe Hope you have good luck this week>> Sure is warm there. we are gonna get artic air! YUCK take care : )

  8. Sue says:

    Super picture! Glad you are hanging around for a while yet. I know this new system is a pain now, but it gets easier the more you use it. Not that I LIKE it, but I don\’t have the time and energy to switch over to another blog. Have a fun holiday with your grandkids and animals!

  9. sunee says:

    Hi Pat…I have missed your blogs, I haven\’t been around much but when I do come here, I ENJOY reading what all my friends have been up to….enjoy the holiday season and stay warm…~HUGS~ Sunee

  10. Jenny says:

    Good grief, I almost missed this post. Lol, I\’ve already been over to your blogspot but I\’m not missing this one, either. With all the blogspots and spaces ppl have now, I think there are rubber bands attached to my feet to do the running. No matter, I wouldn\’t miss any of it for the world. I love this photo of Hayden and Benji. Talk about innocence personified. Angels, both of them.Can you believe this weather? Back and forth, back and forth — never know what to wear. It\’s so warm here today that you could almost wear shorts, but tomorrow is back to cold again. At this rate, I\’ll set up an umbrella and beach chairs on Christmas day.See you soon, dearest Patsy 😀 MUAH xoxoxo

  11. Beth says:

    I am so glad you are going to stay !!Hugs,Beth

  12. Zeynep says:

    Hi Pat, Wow, great, it isn ice to see a new blog from you here… I don\’t wantto lose a friend like you on spaces.That is a great picture you posted. What a lovely kid!! What a lovelydog also.Thanks for your kind comment. Glad you like the entry. I would like tosend a bunch of daisy, lol. Yes, that cactus is different I think. I am afraid I am not good at botany. But I always like to have some fresh flowers for my home.Happy Christmas and a happy new year. Love and peace, Zeynep xx

  13. Theresa says:

    I hope you do keep this space going, but It would make me crazy to keep up with two blogs. : ) I got all my presents wrapped Thursday and it felt WONDERFUL! I like to take my time with the bows so it takes me awhile, but there is great satisfaction when it is all done.

  14. JENNALACEY says:

    hi patsy, please stay with msn even tho its a mess if i can figure it out so can anyone lolill send you something when i move for your support. miss ya nice chatting the other daylove jenna

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