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Thought since I have so much time now I would try to write a daily blog.  I don’t know if anyone would be interested I decided to give it a shot!  I know I look forward to reading the daily blogs of some of my friends  to see what they are into.  So maybe I can keep in touch better if I do this on a daily basis?  If it gets boring please let me know and I will stop.
The reason I have so much time on my hands is that I am at the moment unemployed as a full time employee.  Yes Mr. Obama the economy has hit me now! I have been working since I was 15 and to have it suddenly stop is a trying time.  Maybe you say go look for another job, easier said than done since I have only one more year to work before retirement.  I don’t think anyone would hire someone who says I plan on retiring in 9 months!!  I guess what I am saying is how does one retire?  I know the spring/summer is coming on and I will keep myself busy, its these winter months that drives me nuts!!  I can’t just sit I have to be busy or I drive everyone else nuts!!
Ok, enough about me not working. Lets move on to other stuff I am into:
Today it is a warm 80 degrees and I am going outside to clean out some of the flower beds!!  Yes I am so ready for it to be spring.  My little daffidils have poked out of the ground and hopefully soon they will bloom.  Last year they did not bloom , my sister informed me I cut them off too soon the year before, so last year I let them turn yellow and lay flat on the ground before I cut them off.  So, this year I should have plenty blooms.?
Also , I have this outbuilding where I keep all my over flow calling my name, Clean me out, clean me out!!  I may do that today as my grand-daughter is moving to an apartment below me she is going to need some storage room and right now all you can do is open the door and look in and if you need something you have to start climbing!!  She will be moving in a couple of weeks and since its so warm today sounds like a project to me.  I will take before and after pictures if you are intersted. LOL Yeah right Pat everyone wants to see your shed and Junk!!!
My son is now living with me temparily, he lost his nursing job in Ohio due to guess what?  If you said economy then you are right!!!  He is back here working as they need nurses here.   I like having him here, he is so funny and he makes me laugh a lot.  He is one of the reasons I’m cleaning the shed, he says Mom you need to organize your stuff!! What?  Ok, what he was talking about was my office.  Yes I just have a path at the moment and too much excess furniture.  Today he was going to help me organize it, but they asked him to cover for another nurse who called off!! So I guess he and I will tackle it tomorrow.  Pictures to follow!!! LOL
Well if its warm where you are go out and enjoy the day because thats where I’m headed.
Wanted to share a photo of Hayden and his latest boo boo, nope not on Ma Maw’s watch, he got this at his Dad’s Seems he tried to go out the front door all by himself!
Have a great day, see you tomorrow.
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5 Responses to Daily Blog

  1. Al's says:

    Hayden looks good. And of course it will be good to see a daily from you. I know I miss you when you aren\’t here.Love ya,Al

  2. Zeynep says:

    Hi Pat,Please keep your daily, I like to read daily blogs and I sometimes add some daily entries as you know.Will Hayden sleep a few moments after, lol…Happy Women\’s Day, love and peace, Zeynep xx

  3. sunee says:

    Well hello friend, first let me say I enjoy reading your blogs ,& I\’m glad you didn\’t leave spaces!The weather here hasn\’t reached the 80\’s yet, but I\’m so looking forward to warmer weather. It has been a rather dry winter here, we haven\’t had no moisture since the early part of January. I am starting to water the lawn and my rosebushes, and trees around here in the yard as I \’m afraid they will die if I don\’t. Today it is rather windy, snow is forecasted for the mountains but we probably won\’t get any down here, so I\’ve decided to stay indoors and do some laundry. Looks like lil Hayden has a boo-boo, poor lil thing. My grandbaby is now 1 month old and filling out and getting bigger everyday. Well Pat this is getting rather long. You take care and enjoy working out in your yard! 🙂 HUGS~ Sunee

  4. Beth says:

    Hayden is such a handsome little guy!!I will be very interested in reading your daily post Pat so I say go for it. It has been in the 60s but very dreary here today, as close to rain as it can get without actually raining. My garage is hollering at me to clean it but I am ignoring it.Hugs,Beth

  5. Sheila says:

    Cute little guy Hayden is. I think thats a brillaint idea Patsy a bog every day , may even try that myself. But mine may be a bit boring, I to am approaching my retirement wow.So i enjoy light gardening walking my dog, and cooking .You have certainly got a interested party here. Enjoy your garden and the lovely weather. hugs xx

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