I’m Late I’m Late

Ok, I am late posting this blog due to the day I had!!
Not that I had a bad day , just busy.  First of all I slept in late this morning and by the time I decided to write a blog my house filled up with company.  Will share that with you tomorrow.
Went to work yesterday and still no floor planner, but I did manage to put some bills in and did their payroll.  My boss Bill was so grateful and he said  pat I am going to make this up to you.  My reply was Bill get us a floor planner so I can finish out this year!!!  Then he looks at me and says don’t you remember you have to give me a 15 year notice before quitting!!! Ok, whatever, come January Lord willing I’m retiring!!!  So, if you do get a floor planner, you will need to hire a woman for me to train sometime in July!!!  He just walked away and said please don’t leave.  He is the age of my son and most of the time I treat him like I do my son , so who would want thier mother hanging around all the time???   That didn’t sound right, I am good to my son, but I’m sure he doesn’t want me hanging around all the time.
Went bowling last night , had a great series, won the quarters, won the card game.  A card game at the bowling alley, yes for every strike you get you draw a card. I had two flushes!!!  All In all I threw 14 strikes last night. Sadly not all in the same game but I had a high series!!!  Bowling will be over in May.
We had another beautiful day yesterday, but I worked until 4:00 PM and then by the time I got home it was time to go bowling, so not a lot of outsideness for me yesterday.
My grand-daughter, Hayden’s mother has the flu.  She is so sick. She stayed with me until it was time to go bowling and then her friend was going to come over and take care of Hayden while she was resting.   Just hope I don’t catch it.  There are so many sick people here in the county with the flu.  I sprayed with Lysol everything after she left, not because she was sick, because I would go through fire for her, but Hubby and I are just getting over our last battle with colds and pnemonia and I just don’t want to be sick. 
I also got my shed cleaned out with the help of my son and his friend.  Tomorrow I will post pictures for you maybe, I am so ashamed of all the junk I just held on to.and to let my shed get in that bad of shape. 
Until tomorrow, have a great evening.
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5 Responses to I’m Late I’m Late

  1. Al's says:

    Good, now you can come and do my shed. It is nice when people at a job are like family and if you were my mom (apart from the fact you\’d have to be really old, lol,) I\’d love tohang out with you.Love ya,Al

  2. Beth says:

    I hope you and hubby don\’t get sick again. Hopefully you built up enough antibodies to ward it off.Congrats on the bowling!!

  3. Babblelot says:

    I admire you Pat for all you do to help others. Now why was she by you being so sick?I missed that part. 14 strikes? Holy cow!! You have the luck my friend, now don\’t git sick!

  4. jannaj says:

    I don\’t know how you do so much! I\’m enjoying your daily blogs, I\’m having trouble with a weekly or even monthly blog! Jan

  5. Kat says:

    Better late than never… Still waiting on those \’secret\’ stories for my eyes only…

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