Just a Blog Post

  Well it has been over 10 days since I posted anything , so I thought I would catch you up on my boring life.
First lets talk about my job or not job?  I go in every Monday and catch up paperwork for the boys and clean my office.  Our business is still  in limbo and with only having 13 campers on the lot to sell the pickins are slim!!! We usually have about 250 campers on the lot!!! With no floor planner we can’t even buy campers to sell and it seems like the "Change" is not going to help our little business.  It makes me so sad to go in and see inventory so low and the boys struggling to hang on and wishing the lending institutes would let go of some of that money the goverment gave them!!!  I plan on retiring in January, but these are young men who put everything they had into this business and just a letter coming through the US mail from one of the biggest money markets in the world says we are cancelling all RV flooring!!!   I wish I could tell you it’s going to be ok but being their bookkeeper I know better.  I will be ok but it breaks my heart to know that my boss will have to start all over again after he worked so hard to build this business.  Maybe "Change" will come I just hope it isn’t too late for the RV industry.
So you ask what are you doing with the other 6 days of the week.  Well, my house is spotless, I clean a lot and I’ve been painting and with the weather being better I have really worked on my flowers and garden.  Last week I planted some punkin seeds on some ground that use to house a chicken coop!! I checked on them yesterday and they are up and talk about good fertlizer I’ve got it!!!  My lawn looks great as I have the time now to cut it regular and I do all of the weedeating .  I finally got my riding mower back from repairs and it was great after pushing it for three weeks!! I still have some areas I have to push but that I can handle. Pushing the whole lawn is a woman killer!!!!
Two days a week I keep my sweet Hayden.  Those days are dedicated into doing what Hayden wants to do as being the great-grandmother that I am I spoil him rotten.  I pull him around in my wagon, we play on the swing set, we go to the fish pond , we check out my flowers or we just sit on the floor and play with his toys it’s totally Hayden’s call.
Last night was my last night of bowling for the season.  I ended up doing pretty good, didn’t get the 600 series I wanted but I was close. Oh well maybe next year.
Tonight our next door neighbors invited Hubby and I out for dinner.  We ate Mexican and it was great.  I always get the same thing because I’m afraid to try something different and then don’t like it so I stick with what I know.  Also today was Cinco de Mayo , the holiday that honors Mexican Victory over the French Army in 1862 and to celebrate this the resturant where we had dinner offered giant Margaritas at a very low price.  Needless to say I didn’t have one as most of you know I am goofy enough without adding alcohol to the mixture!!!  
Another thing I wanted to share with you all that my space friend and most of yours, Beth Marie and I are going to try to get together in June!!!   She is coming here to WV to visit her sister and we have plans to meet.   Her nephew lives in my little town , talk about a small world huh?  Anyway I’m excited about she and I getting together.  You know she and I will take pictures to share with you. 
I’m making plans to go to DC this summer, I want to take the camper and stay in Virginia and take the metro to see the city.  I especially want to go see the World War II Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial as my dad was a WWII vet and a lot of my friends are /were Vietnam vets.  Then I want to plan a trip to Branson , MO and to Maggie Valley.  I think I can pull this off since I’m not working now, I’ve made these plans before and they have fallen through because of work and other things out of my controll would come up.  Hopefully I can pull it off this year.???
Did I tell you all about my grandson Nic going into the Marines in September?  You remember he came to live with me for a while and then moved out, well this past winter he decided to go into the military.  I’m so proud of him , trying to do something positive with his life and his country.  He has already been sworn in and he goes for weekly meetings for physical training. He is really into it.  I wish only the best for him.
Ok I have one more thing to tell you and I will quit babbling.  As most of you know I am a dog lover and in 2007 I lost my two beloved Minature Schnauzers to cancer within 4 months of each other.  So in about 5 weeks I am going to get two more from the same litter that was born three weeks ago.  One of my friends got a minature schnauzer after she fell in love with my two.  Well she knew how it hurt me so when I lost those two precious dogs so when her schnauzer had babies three weeks ago she called me and said I could have the pick of the litter. I was thrilled, I know they won’t be Homer and Liem but I do so love the breed.  I get to pick one and purchase one I hope at a reduced price!!! LOL  I want two males and her little dog had two males and two females.  I will keep you posted.  Don’t worry about Benji my rescue he’s staying too, he helped me so much when I lost the schnauzers, I hope he will adjust to them as he is so attached to me.  If you have any suggestgions on bringing these two pups into his world I would so appreciate it.
Talk about Welcome to spring how’s this for a welcome.  This was taken in my back yard where my feeder hangs. wish I had a better focus on it.
Need some pointers from my friend Rambling ON:
Ok I’m done, Have a great week.
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17 Responses to Just a Blog Post

  1. Beth says:

    Thank you Patsy for catching us all up on your news. Congrats for the excellent bowling. I could use some help cleaning my house as it is not spotless. I plan to tackle that this weekend.It is funny you mentioned planting pumpkin seeds in a spot that used to have a chicken coop. At Curves this morning one of the gals told me that they planted tomatoes last year at the site of an old brood house. She said the tomato crop was the best they had ever had.I am so glad Nic has found a purpose in life. I am sure he will do well. And I am also very happy that you will be getting some new pets.Hugs,Beth

  2. Grizzly says:

    I just got back and had to make your Space my very first stop, As I said on Beth Marie\’s blog a couple days ago, I don\’t know if any toun in thr US can handle having you two in it at the same time, LOL! I feel so bad for your employers, it is so hard to lose a business you love. I have family in Missouri, so I know you\’ll love it. When you go to the Vietnam Memorial, if it\’s bot too much trouble, could you give a salute to those men for me.Love ya!!

  3. Theresa says:

    Your life does not sound boring but packed full. I am excited about you and Beth meeting. I can\’t wait to hear all about that from both your blogs. I hope the USMC and Nic mix well. It sure did a world of good for my brother.

  4. Babblelot says:

    Boring, you are NOT my friend! I don\’t know what a floor planner is at all, but I hope the guys don\’t go under after all they have done. You are a gem for helping them out at this time. Having three male dogs will be somethin. I adore puppies and so will Benji. Benji will show them who\’s boss and will play with them. Just act natural and so will Benji. If your upset or feel fear so will he. Just some advice. Hugs!!

  5. Rhonda says:

    Your life is anything but boring Patsy…it is a shame to see so many struggling totmaintain their businesses and jobs/Love that you are getting two new pups…we had a Schnauzer mmix that passed away a few years ago and my golden retriever was lost too…it is so hard to lose them. Little Emma keeps me to busy to think about another pet right now but maybe when she gets older. You and Beth Marie in the same town? Oh goodness, that will be a blast! The Marines will be good for your grandson though I know you will worry about him.Take care and good to hear from you!HugsTake care and good to hear from you,

  6. Zeynep says:

    Good morning Patsy. I will back to read this entry. It is time to have breakfast. Love and peace, Zeynep xx

  7. Kat says:

    Okay going to take a nap now because you just wore me out…

  8. sunee says:

    Hi Patsy, your space is one I ALWAYS look forward to reading. You sound quite busy these days. That\’s great that you and Beth will finally get to meet this summer. So happy to hear about Nick, I\’m sure this will be a good decision for him. You are so blessed to have Hayden in your life, you are much too young to be a Great G-ma! I have plans this summer for hubby\’s vacation but not sure if we will actually get away. We are remodeling our kitchen, and that will take a few weeks to do, he is helping the guy out so hopefully it won\’t take too long. Have a wonderful week my friend!! Take Care and have fun with Hayden. I will be posting some pics of my new grandbaby soon. HUGS~ Sunee

  9. Zeynep says:

    I don\’t think you have a boring life??? You have a garden too, how can you bore? You are just lucky. To have a garden is a big chance today. Have a great week to you too. Love and peace, Zeynep xx

  10. Rambling says:

    Patsy, you are making me smile with this entire blog..I love all the news about your family in it and for sure about your Nic going into the marines. He will always and ever be one..till he leaves this earth as an old old man. My brother may as well still be in the Corp he is still so attached and loyal.Now, are you and Beth gonna talk about the rest of us in the blog family? We hope you do. 🙂 I so wish I was there too and I bet a bunch others so too. By the way, that dear picture of Hayden and Benji. They are brothers for sure!I will send you a little tip about the birdy you put here for us…which looked good!

  11. Ms Noanie says:

    That was a good catch up post! And you are such a good grandmother! I bet Hayden loves coming to your house – I know I would love to come to your house! Rain, rain and more rain here. My grass is so high my grandchildren would get lost in it, but it hasn\’t dried out enough to mow it – yeesh!Be well. Peace

  12. Pau says:

    This was a great blog, and I don\’t think there\’s nothing boring about your life…au contraire, you always have so much to say…and I love that pic, I know what you mean it\’s nice to see signs of spring…today it\’s raining and really bad…but hopelelly tomorrow will be a better day…you have a good reason to be proud with your grandson joining the marines, wonderful…take good care darling, and hope you have a Great Mother\’s day this weekend.xxhugs, Paulinehttp://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u231/foreveryoung60/flowers/YellowRose.jpg

  13. Sue says:

    Hi Patsy, this is a great blog, I hope you and Beth have a wonderful time together when you meet upI hope you have a wonderful Mothers DayTake careSue

  14. Sue says:

    Great post! Sounds like you are keeping busy. As for the new pups, I\’m so happy you are getting them—my suggestion to you is to get the new Cesar Millan book that deals with new pups in the household. He is so good as the Dog Whisperer and his advice is right on the money. I know you\’ll be a sucessful pack leader! Gee, do you give up bowling during the summer? What a shame. That\’s when M and I like to go–to get into the air conditioned alleys! Hope all your trips this summer are safe and fun and your visit with Beth Marie is a success!!! Take lots of pics to share…

  15. Sarah says:

    Great to hear from you! Sounds like you are busy as ever, even if the job is winding down. It\’s so sad when stuff like that happens. I can\’t believe it\’s been that long since you lost your dogs! I would have guessed in the last year for sure. Have fun with the new pups! I can\’t wait to see pics!

  16. Zeynep says:

    Hi Patsy, thank you, I just posted something. xx

  17. Sheila says:

    Did you say boring Patsy you have a busy week , so enjoyed your blog good luck with the new arrivals. That meeting with Beth sounds very exciting great stuff. I have never had mexican food I think it may be a bit to rich and spicey forme. You are right to be proud of your grandson Nic Patsty. Look forward to the piccies on the pups xxx

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