Last two weeks of August & Few Days of September

The last two weeks of August have been awful for me.  I caught this bug everyone had and it just hung on and on and on!!!  I finally broke down and went to the Dr. and he gave me some strong antibotics which did not kick it’s butt, only killed my good bacteria and now I have what I use to call thrush when I seen it in babies mouths.
It is awful. I finally quit coughing, but now my tongue and throat is coated and it is painful to eat , drink & swallow.  I started eating some yougart hopeing to get my bacteria back????  May go back and see the dr. again!!!!  Anyone who knows me knows that this has just about done me in.  I hate being sick, hate it hate it!!!  I hate having to get people to do things for me as I’m so damn independent.   I like doing all my own outside yard work and I my neighbor noticed I had not cut the grass and he came over and cut it for me.  How sweet was that?  I also do Mom’s yard but my buddy and neighbor Cindy cut Mom’s for me, how will I ever repay them for their kindness.  I’m not use to being on the receiving end?   I did so appreciate it.   You may ask why don’t your other half do it, well you see he can’t do it to suit me! LOL.  I know I know I’m crazy!!! It’s just a yard!!! But it’s my yard and it has to be perfect!!!
Before catching the bug, we had to replace our freezer and of course after 14 years of sitting in one spot, a lot of dust had gathered.  So with some chemicals I got from work I cleaned the floor and the walls behind it and the ceiling and when I went to the dr. for this bug, he asked me if I had been around chemicals>  I thought did he see me clean all that dust??? I told him the truth that I had use some powerful chemical but it didn’t seem to bother me but hubby did complain of the odor?  Well after listening to my lungs with this cough this bug gives you he said they sounded like they were chemically burned!!!!  So in addition to the antibotics I had to have deep breathing treatment for my lungs!!!  Thankfully lungs are ok now and cough is gone but no bacteria!!!! I can’t win.  So I guess tomorrow I will go and get some more stuff for my dang tongue and throat!!!!  Can you see my frustration here and all I had to do was open a door and maybe none of this would have happen. How stupid am I?  I really should not complain some of my space friends have a lot more serious stuff than me and for that I apologize for the whineing.
Ok enough complaining, I have been stopping by and checking on all of you, just didn’t feel like leaving a comment on most.  But I do know that you are all ok. I’m sorry for being so pitiful I will do better.
My youngest daughter moved back into my neighborhood.  Glad she is close again so she can bond more strongly with her grandson and my precious Great Grandson Hayden.  His mommy is expecting again in January.   Hayden and I will need the help! LOL  She moved from a larger place into a smaller place and so to down size we had a yard sale here the last three days.  She got rid of a lot of stuff.  I enjoyed trying to sell that stuff. Got to talk to a lot of people and take my mind off my tongue!!!  Told hubby doesn’t hurt to talk just eat and drink.  LOL  She is just about got everything moved in and it looks good.
Most of you are on FB and on my site there is a video of one of my twin grand daughter’s high school band which she is the Drum Major.  This year their program is about the all time favorite movie of us most  GREASE!!! She plays Sandy  , go over and check her out.  She does a great job. 
Hayden and I are just about to harvest the rest of our punkins.  Here is a picture of our first harvest.He knows which punkin is his too!!! Did I tell you he is a computer whiz too? Check him out , I say to him Hayden who are you emailing and he says Mama
My flowers are in their full glory, seems they get prettier as fall approaches.
Ok on this note I will end here and wish you all a Happy Labor Day. We are planning a cook out. Hopefully my tongue will tolerate it. LOL
Be safe and Be happy.
Love ya Miss Pat
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11 Responses to Last two weeks of August & Few Days of September

  1. Ann says:

    Enjoy your holiday! Love the photos.

  2. Babblelot says:

    Oh Pat I didn\’t know you were sick. You didn\’t mention or was I under a cabbage again? LOL I have had the chemical burns in my bronchi from cleaning in motels and well now it\’s scarred real good so be careful with fumes from now on and when ya get a cold…go straight to doc for antibiotics (steroids) as it will git worse if ya don\’t! I sound like Ma eh? You poor thing! Even though you still sound busy. Hayden has no smile? Great pumpkins there! Be well my friend. I am not sure if anyone can post on my blog or nobody wants to? AARG!

  3. Arlene says:

    Oh dear Patsy, what a scary time you\’ve had, and a timely warning for any houseproud ladies [or men??] I hope you\’re now OK, at least it won\’t be something that can be passed on to the others in the family. You must have been busy off visiting everyone, crikey,, I think I\’ve done well if I visit three a week, but I am very naughty, but I have been busy painting, so I\’ve got an excuse, phew, is it good enough.

  4. Arlene says:

    I meant to add the flowers are very nice, so colourful, mine have mostly \’gone over\’ and you don\’t look old enough to have a GR Grandson. you lucky lady.

  5. Beth says:

    Doggone it Pat, I hate to learn that you are still sick. Please go back to the doctor again.I left facebook because I got a virus on there. I will never go back, I would love to see the video. When you feel better please post it here on your space.The flowers are beautiful!Hugs,Beth

  6. ROCKET says:

    Pat, I hate being sick, as well, and that bug isn\’t staying on your side of the mountains. Frankie and I both had it and I\’m convinced she brought it home from work at Sheetz. If school had been in session when we got sick I would have blamed it on Laura bringing it home with her. Get better soon. God bless you!

  7. Kat says:

    Hope you get all healed very soon! The flowers are gorgeous, of course…

  8. Charlotte says:

    beautiful pictures… hope you are feeling better. hugs, lottemae

  9. Theresa says:

    I hope you are feeling better. Please take it easy. I loved the pictures.

  10. sunee says:

    Just LUV the pics,they are gorgeous!

  11. Sheila says:

    Beautiful pictures Patsy love little Haydon just look at that little face scrummy. The flowers are lovely lots of beautiful colours and lovely big pumkins. Take care xx Just catching up.

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