Lazy Lazy Pat

I’m not really lazy , just  can;t seem to come up with a blog anybody would be interested in???
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did , all of the kids were here a good time had by all.  Everybody had plenty to eat and then we sat around and visited and tried to find out what everyone wanted for Christmas??  Really didn’t get any answers so I hope they will be happy what I get them.
Speaking of Christmas I have the outside decorated, but it is so windy today I will probably have to go around the neighborhood to gather them.  We are having gust up to 55 MPH!! Yikes.   I don’t have my tree up yet, plan on putting it up over the weekend.  I’m limted to space so I wait as long as I can.  Although I have put a little tree in the bedroom for Hayden.   He is really into Christmas this year, he loves all the lights and music boxes. 
Today I had planned on going to pick up my glasses that I broke but they are not in yet so I guess I will go friday and do the rest of my shopping.   They promised me they would be ready today, but not!!!  It’s a 50 mile trip to pick them up so I will call and make sure they are there.  So instead hubby and I are going to brave these winds and go grocery shopping!!!  I hate that job, I would rather take a beating than go.  Is that strange? 
The pups all three are going tomorrow to get their Christmas haircuts, I found a new groomer and she is awsome.  This will be Benji the poddle mix first time with her and I explained to her in no certain terms I want him to have a poodle cut, it makes him look like a sissy.  So its a puppy cut for Benji.  The last groomer I told that to she cut him a poddle cut even after I told her not to.  Now you know why I have a new groomer. LOL
Last Saturday we went to our little town’s Christmas parade.  It was snowing and just perfect for a Christmas parade.  Hubby and I took Hayden and he loved it especially when they threw candy at him.  This was another one of the last for my twin grand daughters too, they are in the band., One is the drum major and the other plays the trumpet.  I can’t believe they are graduating from high school in June.  I wonder sometimes where the time has gone. I remember when they were small and look like two little hoot owls with those big blue eyes and now they are all grown up and making college plans!!!   Here are some pictures of the parade.The one with the long red hair with her back to you is my grand daughter and the other one is in the trumpet section.
I have some pictures of my inside I did for Christmas to share with you and some outside.  The Santa are a new collection I’ve just started they are Annalee dolls, I just love their little elf faces.  The other is my Longaberger Christmas baskets, They made the first one in 1981 my collection is from 1985 to present. The others are hard to find , I have found them on ebay but if I want to continue to live here I dare not bid on them!!! The crochet snow flakes my pond buddy crocheted them for me.  Since this year’s Christmas basket was the snow flake basket I thought they would look good up on the shelf with the baskets.
The sleigh I found at a yard sale, I revarnished the wood and painted the runners.  Now I’m looking for a pair of ice skates to finish the theme.
Well the wind is still howling here and yes I do have decorations down on the ground.  Going to let them go until tomorrow hopefully the wind will be gone???
Tonight I plan on working on my Christmas cards and my husband said Pat why don’t your print your address labels?  I don’t know about you guys I find those so impersonal, I like writing and let the person know who is on the receiving end I was thinking of them and I took the time to hand address their card? Crazy huh, also I still iron my bed sheets, so yes I’m nuts just can’t help it, call it a tick or something.
Well I figure you have heard or read enough of my not so exciting life, so take care and I promise I will try and do another blog before Christmas.
Hugs to you all
As Ever,
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14 Responses to Lazy Lazy Pat

  1. ROCKET says:

    Hey, Pat! We have your wind and then some and it is getting COLD quick. Frankie does our Christmas cards, by hand, because if I did them they would all end up in a yert in Outer Mongolia. I can\’t read my own handwriting at times. Our Christmas parade is this weekend but I may not go if Laura\’s battalion doesn\’t march in it. It\’s going to be cold and snowy but I\’ll dig out the parka amnd bibs to shoot it if she does participate because it will probably be the last time she marches with them. She graduates in June also and has already been accepted at Radford, Tuscullum in Tennessee and a couple of other schools we\’ll never be able to afford so those two are the front runners so far.

  2. Kuskulana says:

    I can relate Pat, hard to find the time here.Boring life isn\’t, busy busy.Hey I love that pic of the little one waving at the Parade!!Life is pups, parades and yes having to shop. I enjoy your comments and I have enjoyed this slice of life from you.Hugs from Alaska

  3. Babblelot says:

    I always enjoy your blog Pat. Hayden is so cute waving. All your picutres look so homey and happy.Don\’t let the wind blow you away now. Keep warm and be happy!

  4. Sue says:

    PatsyI love the blog and pic\’sHope you had a good weektake careSue

  5. Dana says:

    55 mph winds? Oh my gosh! That\’s more than the speed limit in my town!!! That\’s CRAZY!! I too (of course since we\’re twins) Hate shopping! I use to love it but anymore just feels like one more job and my feet always hurt at the end of it and of course the ever raising prices of everything Hurmmph. I have a Longaberger bowl and pie plate that I love. Tie yourself down during that wind my friend and stay warm. LOVE the decorations!

  6. Dana says:

    Oh and those grandkids as always just ADORABLE!

  7. no says:

    Loved reading your blog! I always like to write out Christmas Cards too.

  8. Beth says:

    Thank you Pat for this wonderful peek into what is going on at your home at Christmas time. I thoroughly enjoyed it.Hugs,Beth

  9. Sue says:

    Cool pictures! Love those small town parades—missed the one here this year. I suspect Max will march in it next year when he is in High School Band. Boy, you don\’t see many female drum majors! My tall brother was one when he was in his High School Band, but I fear the drum major is a soon-to-be relic of the past with the demolition of so many bands these days. So glad you got to see the girls in this parade. Gee, for not having anything to blog about, your effort was outstanding!!!

  10. JENNALACEY says:


  11. Sherry says:

    Hi Patsy, I have a hard time thinking of what to say too so I know what you mean. I haven\’t done one bit of decorating yet but will today sometime. Loved the pic of the little guy waving…so cute. I agree with taking a beating rather the grocery shopping, i feel the same way.Well take care and keep warm.HugsSherry

  12. Rambling says:

    I loved the parade pictures as well of course, as the others. Don\’t you love small town parades and celebrations?Your home inside and out looks so festive Patsy. I wish I was so ambitious. I have nothing outside but i will try to do the inside later.SO glad you blogged. I always look forward to them.HUGS and love always,Carole

  13. Sarah says:

    You\’re such a great holiday decorator! I wish I had the ambition you do for that stuff!

  14. Kat says:

    Do you hire out?

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