A promise is a promise.

Hey guys, I told Miss Toodie this morning I was going to blog and here I am,  after all a promise is a promise and I also told her I was going to try and do it weekly.
So here goes.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, ours wasn’t white but it was the week before and now it’s white again and again. It has been snowing on and off for three days and according to our weather man more to come and colder temps.
My youngest daughter went to Florida for three months to get away from the cold, well, to her disappointment, this cold snap is in Florida too. She is in Tampa and she said yesterday the tempture was 32 degrees. Brrrrrr for Florida. 
My New Year was quiet, went over to my neighbor’s house and ate way too much, watched the fireworks from our fire department and went to bed, not too exciting, but good friends, good times.  To pass the time until Midnight we played Triva Pursuit, the 80’s version, I must have been in a fog in the 80’s because I knew not one question!!!  I guess I was busy getting my three kids grown and just passed on through without retaining any thing from that time era???? 
Most of you that I’ve checked on are talking about all the cold and snow.  Well here in good Old " Wild and Wonderful" it has been snowing.  Cold temps, schools closed , I remember when I use to drive the school bus in Virginia I was so excited to see snow, because I knew it was a day off for us.  Now thats a story I need to tell you sometime, my six and half years as a school bus driver.   I just shutter thinking how I got through those years and those kids.  Most of the children were great , but like everything else there were kids that only God and their Mother could like much less love!!! Yikes.  I’ve been spit on, threaten with a broom handle from an upset parent whose kid I threw off the bus for calling me the B word!!! Then there were the sweet ones who wanted to hug you every morning with their little runny noses.  I drove kids from Kindergarden , to High School.  To my surprise I would rather drive the high school students, I didn’t have to tell them over and over stay in your seat, please don’t hang your head out of the window, get up off the floor and try to keep the bus on my side of the road lines as I was doing all of this. Good Time. LOL
Well, at work we now have campers, hello we needed them last spring and now it’s winter and no one is buying!!! Hopefully my boss can turn it around this spring. He is hanging on by a thread bless his heart.  I went in Monday to catch up on paperwork and I was going to tell him I’m hanging up working at the end of March and that he needed to get someone in there for me to train, however, he had so many other problems I just didn’t have the heart to tell him as I felt he had enough on him for the day.   I’ve been working since I was 15 and I’m ready to stay home and be able to do things with the grandkids and Hayden and my soon to be other Great Grandchild at the end of January.   Hopefully I can tell him soon.  It’s not fair to him to let him think I’m still going to work for him.  In the past when I tried to talk to him he just would say we will work something out.  I kept telling him there is nothing to work out, I just want to retire!!!   I’ve already applied for my social security and I should receive my first check in February.  Never thought I would live long enough to draw it , I’ve earned it and by God I’m drawing it.
Today I started back on my Wii Fitness, it’s been almost a year since I used it and I thought since I am snowed in I can excercise.  Now I am paying for it, my back is killing me from all the yoga stretches I did.  So I guess I will have to do it again tomorrow to work out the aches.  I only use it in the winter months because when the weather is warm I do more physical work than any Wii could do for me.  Come on Spring/ Summer.
The puppies are really enjoying this snow. I let them outside to do their business and they immediately put their little muzzles down and start sniffing and when they come up they are covered in snow and look like large fat white rabbits.  Benji my mix poodle and rescue he goes out does his business and comes back and get on his blanket.  The puppies have really grown, but they still have a lot of puppy in them, will be so glad when they are adults . Not that I don’t want them to be active but not so hyper!!!   They have learned when I put on the shock collar they are not to run off and this is good because I can’t run fast after them in the snow.  
Well not going to keep rambling just wanted you to know I’m still here and will continue to check on you.  I also want to share a couple of pictures with you. One is of the 5 generations taken at Christmas, the snow and the pups.  Stay warm everybody, talk to you again soon I promise.
Starting from left to right Hayden, my Great Grandson, his Mom Sierra, my granddaughter, Jennie, My youngest daughter, Me, and My mother.

Some of our snow, It’s been snowing so much I can’t get the Christmas decorations down, Oh well maybe March???

The board is too keep them out of my living room as they are not 100% potty trained.Always showing pictures of Hayden , my great grandson, these are my granchildren, from back row, left to right, Wil, my 3rd year college student ROTC, Sierra, Hayden’s Mom, Nic, Sierra’s brother, Rachael, the one who won the scholarship you all help voted for, Christian, my adopted grandson and last but not least Sarah who is twin sister of Rachel and has been accepted to many colleges, just doesn’t know where she is going yet.  Her dad said you should go where Rachel is going as half of your clothes are going with her . LOL Sometimes being a twin is hard!!!.  Hope you enjoy these, they all bring me so much happiness. Hugs, Patsy

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13 Responses to A promise is a promise.

  1. Beth says:

    Pat, the pictures are wonderful. You have such a lovely family. I was so happy that I was able to meet your daughter Jennie who looks much too young to be a grandmother. I think this winter has been hard on us all and we still have a lot more winter to get through. I will be looking forward to your post each week.Hugs,Beth

  2. Rambling says:

    I loved the blog and certainly the pictures and I hope you can go ahead and do this every week as you mentioned. Always a pleasure to hear from you. I know all of us feel the same..and anything you say will interest us..you\’re family.

  3. ROCKET says:

    Great looking family, Pat. We\’ve had snow on the ground since the big storm before Christmas (22" from that one) and we haven\’t been above freezing since then either. Still a foot of snow in the backyard and more coming down every day. Now we\’re under an advisory for another storm on the way in tomorrow. If this keeps up Laura will have to take a day off from classes her freshman year in college to come back here for her high school graduation ceremony! So far it looks as if she has her mind set on Radford but several schools have accepted her.

  4. Sue says:

    Wonderful pictures,You have a wonderful familylove the look on your puupy facesTake careSue

  5. Babblelot says:

    Love your wonderful post Pat. Your photos are great. Beautiful family! I don\’t know if there really is a good time to say you retire. I\’m sure they want you to stay. Sorry you ache from your exercises but your right to do it again tomorrow to cure it. Your pups are so cute! It\’s snowing here but light right now. Had 5+ inches. The high winds are coming in the morning for added chaos to the mix. We all look forward to your weekly blog. Hugs!

  6. Patricia says:

    God Bless the school bus drivers!…Another storm coming our way…haven\’t seen the ground since before Christmas…A nice family you have, Patsy…

  7. Joe says:

    Excellent blog today! I sure enjoyed the pictures! We\’ve got a lot of snow….8.3 inches to be exact…all of that in about a day. They say we\’ll get into the forties by Sunday…I imagine it will be quite a mess but after the below zero weather I\’m more than ready for it. Have a great day!

  8. Duckie says:

    Wonderful to have your mussle come up from the snow. Yes lovey, you paid into social security so now draw on it.

  9. sunee says:

    I always enjoy reading your posts, and what a beautiful family you have. 🙂 My m-i-l was a school bus driver for many years also. When she retired shesure missed those kids,especially those little ones. We\’ve been a deep freezethe last couple of days, it finally reached 23F today, I know it will get below 0 tonight.We\’ll have to feed a little more hay to the cattle tomorrow for sure. Stay in and stay warm…..hugs….Sunee

  10. Sheila says:

    Great blog Patsy a bus driver mmm I bet that was good oh and bad some days as you say. Lovely photo\’s always great to see family photo\’s. Yes that sounds as though you deserve that pay cheque you have worked all of you life. Why not it\’s time to do what you want to do. Cold here and still snowing well more of flurries at the moment. Take care good see you back again xx

  11. Kat says:

    I need to get a wii fit, too lazy to go get it…

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