Ok Ok I’m Blogging

Hi dear space friends, I’m such a slacker these days, I love visiting all of you but me well lets just say I’m lazy and leave it at that. LOL
Where to start, I guess I should update you on my fall while repairing the pond.  I still have this knot on my front shin bone below the knee and the cut is slowly closing up!! Still hurts especially since I bump into everything with it!! Have you ever notice when you have a sore spot thats the one place you hit first? Ouch, Ouch. As you recall I hurt it repairing my pond, (that pond is going to be the death of me) well, yesterday my buddy and I finished it, well with the rocks anyway, it looks so good, I still need to add some gravel to the outer edge and then I will post pictures for you.  She and I worked another 3 hours on it yesterday.  I was going to get the gravel today but it is raining so I will wait for a prettier day.  I will share a picture of the beginning repairs so you can see what we were dealing with. !!! Since Miss Cindy is the creative one I let her do the digging!. She does it so well.  Can’t you just see her saying why is your butt up there and I’m down in this mud??  Anyway I was grateful for her help.  It was a big job.
Last week hubby and I went to our camp and winterized it.  Yup twice this year we went to it and it’s a shame we don’t use it more, we love it but this summer was just so busy.  The last time we were there was in April when we opened it up and then last week to close it.  The river was up from the rains from Ida but not close to the camp.  We had a great day we took the dogs and made a day of it.  Yes Hub got sick again. he did better , he did wait until we got out of the county so he’s making it a little further each time.  I also remembered to take throw up cleaning supplies with me.  After we got the cabin winterized we stopped and had a good old WV hotdog on the New River and watched it flow by.  All in all a great day.  Here is a picture of the water rolling off the hill across the road from our cabin , not very often you get to see this as it has been so dry.
This is a picture of the Greenbrier with the water being muddy and high from the rains of Ida  Looks so drab in the winter with all the leaves gone, but so pretty in the summer as shown here:
My sister came for a visit and we had a wonderful time, she went bowling with me and was my biggest fan, everybody there that night knew when I got a strike!!Sisters you got to love them and since I only have one I love her to death.   Sorry I didn’t get any pictures this visit, just too busy talking and catching up.
Hayden will be two on Saturday, got a party in the works for him.  I can’t believe he will be two, where has the time gone.  He is starting to say a few words, not a lot but he is starting to talk.  He understands every thing you say to him but he’s a quiet little guy most of the time.  He also has learned his colors, I think I was 10 before I knew colors. LOL  . This is my most recent photo of him.  He was Elmo for Halloween.
Here is a shot of my faithful companions always keeping me busy.
Well, theres more but I don’t want to bore you, its just family stuff but in case I don’t get back on here before Thanksgiving, Please all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving.
Hugs to you all
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Graceful is NOT my middle name!!

As most of you know I had to go to the SS office to get my middle name corrected.  I drove to the local office in Parkersburg and after being searched and scanned I went into the office and took a number, yes a number and I was the only one in there!!! It didn’t matter you still had to get a number???  Anyway, going through the scanner made me once again aware of 911.  Even though I am a RED,WHITE & BLUE American, they don’t trust anyone and I understand this, but I so wanted to say so bad I love this country and I would never do anything to deface her, now those days are gone. Trust No One!! How sad is that?
Ok, the title of my blog, nope my middle name is not Graceful,!! Yesterday my neighbor and I took on my fish pond. Yes it had a leak, and I did not want to go all winter dragging the water hose and filling it every other day.  So my neighbor said she would help me, I don’t think she knew what she was in for to say the least. Well, first we had to empty it and catch the fish so we could remove the damaged liner. I might add I three tiny babies I did not know was in there. Surprise.  I’ve posted pictures of the pond on previously blogs and you know it has all these rocks , some little some big and they had to be removed also.  Things were going well, she and I replaced the liner and being the perfectionst my friend is she had to have a certain rock for a certain spot, doing all of this while standing in COLD water, so I was huirrying and getting the right rock for her spot!!!  I failed to notice this cord to the shop vac (this I used to drain the pond) well being the graceful soul (NOT) that I am, my foot got caught on the cord and the next thing I knew I was down on the ground hard and with my left leg screaming with pain, I was so afraid to look, cause you know I am getting old and my bones are or so I though were not as strong as they use to be.  Well no broken bones but the rock I fell on was jagged and ouch what scrapes and brusing my leg took.  I’m going to show you a picture, along with the colors is this huge knot, it’s like my leg has the mumps!!!  I wanted to cry it hurt so bad, but I was in so much pain at the time all I could do was grunt!!  After seeing I did not break it, just bent it, my friend and neighbor says to me that was the most graceful fall I have ever seen!! She too funny?  Later on though the rocks got her too, she dropped one on her finger and smashed it!!! I kept my mouth shut! LOL We started  at 11:00 AM and stopped at 7:00 PM and nowe didn’t finished it, that we will do today.  We did get it filled up and put my fish back in it.  I told her with a throbbing leg I was going to play Miss Scarlet and said: "Tomorrow is another day""  Anyway here is my leg.
Well, it’s another day and I’ve still got work on the pond, but you can bet your butt I will make sure there is nothing I can trip on while carrying a rock!!
Also need to wish all of you a Happy Halloween, They are celebrating at different times and days in our state. Our time frame is Saturday from 6:00 to 8:00, got their candies can’t wait to see who comes to my door this year.  I hope I don’t scare them off when I hobble to the door.
Take care and don’t eat too much candy.
Miss Graceful.
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Fall & Such

I’m going to share some of my fall decorations with you and I thought I would start with my sign that I have hanging on my front gate, because you are friends and you are welcome here anytime. 
A lot of people here decorate for Halloween and fill their yards with these huge blow up decorations, which I’m sure the kids enjoy and hopefully I can share some of their yards with you later on in this blog.  I must admit I did put one blow up in the yard but guys it’s for Hayden!! LOL Just Punkins Oh and they light up too.
Here are some fall decorations I put around the house.  The one with the scare crow shows the last of my flowers that the frost did not get and all the real punkins in the pictures I grew this summer.  I had three plants and harvested 16 punkins!! I never enjoyed anything so much in my life as I did those watching them grow and taking care of them.
I was going to take some of the leaves on the trees but it was cloudy and I didn’t think the colors would show. but I did take this picture on the hill beside my house of this lone Oak tree standing mighty and Tall.    There use to be two standing there but this summer one of them fell, don’t know if you can see it lying on the ground to the right of it?  Thats why I called it the Lone Oak.  Under this oak tree I have seen wild turkeys and sometimes they wonder down in the field below its a flock of about 20.  
Hubby and I took a short trip to Ohio today and did a little shopping, was looking for Christmas presents, I know it’s early but I hate to wait until the last minute but didn’t find a thing for anyone execpt for grand daughter & Hayden.  I bought her some maternity tops that were on sale. Also found Hayden two cute outfits for winter, going to give them to them now as they can both use them.  Everything was at a sale price, the tops were $3.00 each and before the sale they sold for $15.00 each , now thats a bargain!!!  
Well Hayden came by with his grandmother , my youngest daughter and we took him for a wagon ride around the neighborhood to see the Halloween decorations. It was quite chilly but he was dressed for the weather .  He loves for us to pull him in the wagon.  Here are a few pictures of my great grandson looking at decorations. 
I hope you all are having a great weekend, until later take care
West Virginia
Wild & Wonderful
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Ok I’m Blogging

I know it has been a while since I’ve blogged and I’ll be surprised if I still have any friends left on here.   I have the time, I just seem to like reading your blogs instead of writing one.  You all are so creative and well mine are just about family , flowers, gardens and grandchildren.  So this one will probably be about the same stuff.
Lets see first of all I finally got rid of that awful sinus infection that had me down pretty good.  I did go and get my flu shot and on Monday I plan on getting the pnemonia shot. Been there done that and don’t want to do it again.  I didn’t have this stuff until I turned 60 and OMG my old body just says come on she’s weak lets attach her!!!  Getting older sucks!!! Especially for someone who is so darn independent and wants to go and do like she was 20.  But like my friend Toddie I am learning to take better care of myself, ticks me off but I’m learning.  Like don’t go outside bare foot chasing the dogs at 4:00 AM in the morning, and putting a jacket on when its in the 40 degrees temps, see I’ve always gone out without a coat and most of the time no shoes around the house.  I just like the freedom , but my body is saying stupid put on your shoes and coat and if’s its raining cover your head!!!  I’m learning, even though I did sit out in the rain tonight watching my grand daughters preform their "Grease" routine with their High school band, but I did have a coat on and yes I had an umbrella, yes I am learning I can still do just have to take care of the body!!!  Again getting old is not for WHIMPS!!!
This is a picture of my twin grand daughters at Soccer Senior Honors Night with their proud grand parents.
Today I went shopping and as most of you know I live in a mobile home and you can’t have a fire place in a mobile home or should I say we shouldn’t have one in a mobile home.  So in the DVD section of Wally World I found this DVD that turns your TV into a crackling fireplace. It also plays Christmas music while the fire crackles and I guess that is as close to a fire place I’m going to get in this home.   So this year I will have a 46" fireplace and it’s in HD too!!! Little things make me happy. LOL
The leaves are turning here in West Virginia and tomorrow night we have a freeze warning and my ferns and palms are so pretty , going to bring them in as towards the middle of next week it’s suppose to be back in the 70’s so I can enjoy them a little longer.  The palms I keep in all winter, the ferns do not do well in the house so I am taking the large one to my office and let the boys take care of it for me this winter.  They are great guys they water them and look after them for me.  Here are a couple of pictures of my Fern I want to save and my palms. I wish I could save them all. 
Another thing I did this week was apply for my social security, yup I went ahead and did it and according to them I should draw my first check February 2010!! Whoo Hoo!! I did it all on line the only other thing I have to do is take my Birth Certificate to the SS office in Parkersburg I guess to prove I was born????  Depending on the economy come spring I may still be working anyway, if it was like this past year I’ll probably hang it up and retire full time. Just have to wait and see.
Had the schnauzers spayed about 11 days ago and stitches removed yesterday. They did great and Benji was like a mother hen always checking on them when they were recouping after surgery.  In less than two days they were active as if they had nothing done!!  Here is a picture of my babies and my faithful companion Benji.
My Mom is doing well, her blood pressure still elevates now and then but she has this little pill she takes and it brings it back down.  Other than that she is doing great .
My sister is coming for a visit in November and I can’t wait until she gets here, we always have a good time when we are together, I usually get to see her twice a year and I always cherish our time together.
Hayden is getting so big, I don’t get to see him as often since his mother isn’t working at the present time.  If I go more than three days I call his Mom and say please bring Hayden over I need a fix. LOL  He is trying to talk , still grunts a lot, and uses hand signals. The dr. told us to make him say what he wants instead of handing it to him when he points and grunts at what he wants.  Can you believe he will be two next month?  It just seems like yesterday he was a month old when we started taking care of him.  Wonder what he will think of his new baby brother that is due in January??
Hubby and I have to go to our camp and close it for the winter, would you believe we open it in April and now its October and we didn’t use it one time this summer!! It was like we had so many projects going and just couldn’t get away. How sad is that?  Our youngest daughter used it so all was not wasted, at least someone enjoyed it. Maybe next year???  I thought since he is retired and me semi we would have so much time to do stuff, but turns out we run out of time and there are still things to do!! Whats with that?  How can I fix that?  I have this 5th wheel camper that has not been moved in two years!!!  The plan was to take it and travel around this great country of ours and there it sits!!!  Gotta change this somehow before I get too damn old to go or want to go!!! We did build a new cover/building for it this summer, another project!! LOL
I don’t know how many of you knew my space friend Jane/Auntie Jane, we lost her this month.  She was such a sweet lady and knew so much about dogs as she use to show and train.  She helped me with so many questions and she had some of the best stories she would share.  My friend you will be missed.
Well, there is more but I figured if you read this far, I’m lucky so I will try to do better and post more often.
Take care and I will keep checking in on all of you.
As Ever from "Wild & Wonderful West Virginia"
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Updates & Catch Ups

My first update is on my mother who turned 82 last week.  As most of you know her blood pressure was so totally out of control and so her Dr. put her in the hospital to see what the problem was.  Turns out she had blocked arteries to her right kidney, so they inserted two stints in and almost immediately her blood pressure was in a reasonable range it went from 240/110 to 150/70 which was wonderful .  They also did a heart cath on her too and it came out fine, no blockages and on Friday afternoon they let her come home which she was so grateful for as she said she could not get any rest at the hospital.  So this past weekend, we just let her rest and I fixed her meals and let hubby take them over as I had or thought I had a bad cold and I did not want to take a chance on giving it to her.  They want me to monitor her blood pressure daily and if there is a drastic change I am to call the Dr. right away.  So my neighbor who is a RN is taking her pressure for me and keeping record.  Well  I just got more stuffy and stuffy and broke down and went to the Dr. today as I was afraid I had caught the flu while I spent 3 days in the hosptial with Mom.  It’s the germ capital of the world seems like!!! Well it turned out to be a real bad sinus infection and he even did a test on me to see if I did have the flu and it came back negative!!! Yeah!!  Now a little funny about the nurse who came in to take a swab and I immediately open my mouth and she shoved the Qtip looking thing up my nose!!!! I was so red in the face and I told her so and she said don’t worry about it honey everyone opens their mouth!!! LOL  How was I to know I had never been tested before for the flu!!  Anyway I’m over it and let me tell you as I told my friends on FB "Getting Old is not for Whimps" but today I am a big whimpiee!!! 
After I found out I didn’t have the flu I fixed Mom’s supper and took it over and ate with her.  She looked real good, and ate all of her supper.  I hope she continues to do well. 
Other news , today my grand daughter called and I guess while she was away someone broke into her apartment and stole the money out of little Hayden’s piggy banks. One she had full as she could not put any more money in it and the other wasn’t quite full.  They also stole her ipod!!  She was so upset. She called the law, but I doubt if she will ever get any of it back.  She was so upset, mainly that someone had been in her place going through her things. She said she felt so violated.  I told her I know how you feel as we have been robbed three times and its very upsetting and I understood.  I hope they catch whoever did this to her as she and Hayden just barely get by!!  I know the economy is bad but she is a single mother and she is trying to better herself, she goes to school, take care of Hayden and then someone takes what little bit she had saved for Hayden!!! Makes me so mad!!  How could anyone steal from this face?
Ok onto happier things, I’ve got a picture I wanted to share with you. It is of Rachel my grand daughter who you all helped win the scholarship. She loves Sun Flowers and this is her crop this year.  She did have one huge one and I’ll share it too. She is a sweet as they come and she loves to dig in the dirt just like her grandmaw!! LOL 
This week the puppies are going to the vet to be fixed. Just want these two no more puppies.  I’m having them both done at the same time so they can recoup together.   They are doing really well on coming back to me now since I shocked them a couple of times, all they have to do now is see the remote in my hand and they come running.  I hated to do that to them but I was afraid they were going to get ran over by a car or another dog hurt them.  
Well dear friends news is slow in this neck of the woods and hopefully I will have more to tell you the next time and in the mean time I’m going to take a pill so I can tolerate being outside with the rag weed!!!
Have a wonderful week and God Bless.
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Dearest Friends,
I know it has been a while since I posted and I was going to post a blog but sometimes life gets in the way and things don’t always go the way you plan.
However , I will post shortly. My Mom has been having problems with her blood pressure , her numbers were way too high. 240/110. Yesterday I took her to the family dr. and the numbers were still high and they admitted her to the hospital fearing a stroke.  They did a procedure on her where they ended up putting two stints in to the arteries of her kidney. Totally blocked , as this was one of the factors that had her pressure so high.  She was doing well when I left her last night and her numbers were down to 155/66.  I think thats the lowest it has been in year or more!!!  She still has some more test to run and I will keep you posted.
So I’m going to end here and get ready to go over there as it is a 45 minute drive for me and see what the day brings.
Take care as you know I do stop and check on all of you, I know I may or may not comment but I hold you all precious to me, so if you pray or not keep my mom in your thoughs and prayers.
As Ever
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Road Trip Plus 3 Dogs!!!!

Got up early yesterday morning to get ready for trip to Kentucky, you know I have to have my hair done and makeup on before I go anywhere so I started early to be ready to leave at 8:00 am as hubby wanted to hit the road.  I made it dogs and all.  Here is a picture of them road ready Doesn’t Benji look like he is smiling? Sorry about the reflection.
So we hit the road and this is Hub and Sadie’s first road trip , Benji is an old hand at it. It gets better guys as I will tell you later on in this blog.
We headed to a little town in South Eastern Kentucky called Cumberland, with a population of around 600 so it was a small town and it was about 200 miles away from where we live.  We stopped and fueled up the diesel, got a breakfast to eat in the car and hit the road. 
Before we had gone 40 miles Hub the male Schnauzer was car sick!!! Note to self do not feed Schnauzers before getting into the car!!  Have you heard the saying sick as a dog? Well here is a picture of what it looks like to be sick as a dog!!! I felt so sorry for him and it continued most of the day until his little stomach was empty, so we had to make another stop for paper towels, freebreeze and baby wipes. Note to self: Don’t forget to pack paper towels, freebreeze and baby wipes!!
When Hub was having his episodes Sadie and Benji would jump up front with me not wanting any part of Hub at that moment!!! LOL
Meanwhile when he would settle down we enjoyed all the scenery on the trip as Kentucky is a beautiful state and their mountains are just as pretty as the ones here in West Virginia.  We traveled a road and it was called Country Music Highway and just so pretty and we went over this one large mountain and the view was awsome as I will share some of those pictures with you too.  After 4 hours of pit stops and taking care of Hub we arrived at our destination where hubby picked up his prize possession he had bought off ebay.  It was some kinda antique piece of electronic equipment to add to his ever growing collection of radio equipment!! He was happy and I’m glad he found it as this will make his collection complete???? Yeah right! 
Then we headed back home and by now Hub is getting use to the car and I only gave him water to drink, I know they were hungry as I had packed food for them but I would not feel Sadie and Benji as I did not want to hurt Hub’s feelings and not to mention the fact I didn’t want to clean up any more throw up!!! LOL Ok one more note to self:  When traveling with dogs do not wear pastel colors it shows all the dirt and spills!!! I looked so good when I left and when I got home my pink outfit looked grey!!!! yikes what was I thinking pink??  Next time jeans and a t shirt. 
We arrived home around 6:30PM and was so dog tired from riding all day but I must say I needed this trip even with the car sickness, I have not been anywhere this summer and I’ve been sick for two weeks I just needed to see something else besides my place!!LOL.  Hubby just pampered me and he was so understanding with the dogs as he knows I hate to leave them all day and he agreed to let me take them and not once did he complain about Hub and in fact he was the one who stopped and went into the store and got the stuff I needed to keep Hub clean.  Thanks John for a wonderful day.
Ok, here are some of the sights I saw in WV & KY yesterday.  God Bless all and have a good Day.
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