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Week Three, Four, Five & Six

So, five weeks have passed and my weekly post didn’t happen. Sorry Toodie for breaking my promise, I live such a boring life that I didn’t really have much to share with you and the rest of my space friends on a weekly basis, but I do however have a few things to share with you this week.?
Well two weeks ago Saturday on January 30th I became a great Grandmother for the second time.  Hayden’s mom gave birth to Carter James a 7 pound 8 oz boy. As her mother was in Florida I filled in for her during the birth of Carter.  Who would have thought I would get to see such a miracle happening .   My grand daughter did great and her Ma Maw was right there telling her how great she was doing.  So after some heavy pushing , it was over and the tears started flowing.  Course I had tears before he was born as it just about killed me seeing her in so much pain, but I bucked up and did my part in helping getting Carter here and then when he was born more tears , tears of joy and tears that my grandchild was no longer in pain and the smile on her face when she saw her new son for the first time, it all went away, then the grinning began!!!  So dear friends here is a picture of Great Grandma and Hayden and Carter.
 As you can see Hayden is so taken with his new brother.  We were kind of worried how he would react to his new brother, turns out he loves him a lot and he helps his mommy by getting diapers for him and he calls him "Bubba".   In fact this picture was his first sighting of his baby brother and I thought he did great and still is.  He’s such a little character, he is so funny too with his little antics, he keeps me laughing all the time.  I hope to build the same relationship with Carter, right now he sleeps a lot and I get to feed him every now and then. Maybe when his Mom goes back to work I can get to know Carter better.   How Hayden will handle that just have to wait and see as Hayden thinks I’m his personal slave. LOL
Because of all the snow we have been having, and rain the river where we have our little cabin flooded.  Thankfully it did not get into the house, although we have so much trash to clean up come spring.  As with all flooding, the trash is what comes, so I guess around April hubby and I will go get it all cleaned up.  Going to be a big job , hopefully all the kids and grand kids will come and we’ll just have a weekend  of clean up and get that job done.  We were so lucky , it lacked 6 inches of going into the house.  It did get into our shed where we have our lawn mower and weedeater and everything is covered with mud, I’m just thankful it didn’t get into the house.   But like people who live on the coast you take chances of a hurricane hitting, and having a place on the river you take the chance of flooding, so you clean up and hope it doesn’t happen again, To let you see how close it got to getting into the house here is a picture, see the water line? The water got up to 21 and half feet and at 22 feet its in the cabin.
Got snow?  We have had snow, snow & more snow.  More snow coming as I type this blog.  I’m so ready for spring, this being cooped up is not my cup of tea. I do however do get to go outside bundle like an eskimo to let the dogs out to do their business.  The new pups love the snow, they romp and put those muzzles down and off they go .   In fact this morning I let them out early as they got up early and right at the back door were two deer and the chase began, I liked to have never got them to come back to me as I didn’t have their shock collars on and so at 5:30 AM all the neighbors heard me calling for my dogs.  I know they think I am crazy running around in my PJ’s and calling and pleading for them to come back to me.  So after about 10 minutes of this I got them back , so no more going outside with out their collars,because I fear the neighbors are going to revolt on me!!! LOL
I also wanted to mention the fact that we lost one of our space friends, Eileen , to most of us we knew as "Duckie", she was a sweet lady and always lending a hand or advice and she will be missed.  It was shock when I read about it as I didn’t realize she was that sick. I knew she had some health problems but never dreamed they were life threatening.   It was so sad reading about her passing, just like loosing a family member and thats what I love about spaces we are family.  We care about one another and if they hurt , we hurt, if they cry, we cry and if they are happy, we are happy for them. This old gal loves each and everyone of you and cherish our friendships.
Well dear friends thats about it for me to catch you up, a new baby, a flood , and of course snow, so with this I will say stay happy, dry and warm.
Hugs to you all.
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Week # 2

Just like I promised I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack!!   Let see since I last visited with you all I turned another year older!!! Yikes. Time flies after 50 and I’m way over on the other side of 50!!!  Actually I turned 62 last Saturday and the reason I’m telling my age is I wanted you to know I applied for my Social Security,   I should receive my first check in February.  How I feel about this I don’t know?  My job for the last year has been one day a week and that was to just to keep my desk cleared.,  I told my boss I would help him get back on his feet and hang with him until the end of April maybe May and then I’m coming home for good.  How do I feel about this I don’t know, I have worked since I was 15 and then just stop and not have to worry about no one but myself and hubby.  Can I give up that paycheck, the independence I feel when I deposit my own paycheck, A little scary but I think I will come to be ok with it.  Maybe I will get to use that camper I bought 5 years ago and have only used 3 times!!!
Now lets talk snow not. All last week it snowed everyday.  It was really pretty falling but after a week enough is enough. The puppies really liked it, I would let them outside to do their business and they would put those muzzles down and become little snow plows and covered in snow with it freezing to their fur.   Snow I can take with them but this deer chasing they are doing is driving me up a wall.  We have a lot of deer coming in the yard , since there is nothing in the woods for them to eat , but I always check before I turn them out, but somehow I always miss seeing them and when I turn them out off they go with white tails straight up in the air and the two Schnauzers behind them.  I call, push the shock collar, but by the time I realize  they are out of range for the collars they are over the hill.  Me I panic thinking they will not come back to me so I stand there calling and by now all of the dogs are barking in the neighborhood and neighbors are coming out on the porch to see what all the barking and yelling is about!!!   So far they have come back to me, but I still panic when they take off.
Up date on Hayden, he is growing like a week and is all boy.  Two days ago he was at his dad’s parents and was running and trip and fell and hit the bookcase corner and busted his head open.  His Grandmother put a butterfly bandage on it and they took him to the hospital  but they said the bandage had sealed it back and they didn’t put stitiches in .  Here is a picture of his boo boo.  It just broke my heart to see him with this cut and I just kissed and kissed him.  He is about to have a baby brother anyday now.  So I guess another reason to retire so I can help my grand daughter with both of her babies!!! 
  When he’s not bumping his head he is trying to help me in the kitchen!! I open the fridge and asked him to shut the door and here is how it ended. LOL
I told you last week that my youngest daughter is in Florida, where they were having cold temps too.  She sent me pictures today where all the manateese had gathered around a power plant down there where the water was warm, she said they looked like rolled sauages. So many of them.  She and I talk via our video cams and she has to sit outside to get reception on her lap top and she had on her winter coat.  It’s still cold in Tampa too. 
To pass these hours being cooped up I’ve been crocheting scarfs for my grand daughters, friends, whoever can use a soft scarf around their necks .  I saw this scarf in a magazine and it sold for $78.00 and I loved the pattern but there was no way I was going to pay $78,00 so I found the pattern and made several and gave them as Christmas presents too.  Everyone loved them, and I didn’t pay $78,00 for them, they cost me about $5.00 each and I can make them in a day.   They are a circular scarf some call it a Mobius Scarf.  You can wear them with a sweater or wrap them twice around your neck, .  The grand daughters loved theirs. 
Oh, I almost forgot, my friend Jenny D and some of yours wanted me to tell you that she will be back on spaces soon. As you know she lost her mother and have been busy moving into her mothers house and dealing with all that involves . She also wanted me to tell you that she misses all of you and can’t wait to get back on spaces and visiting all of you.   She is a lovely person who has been though a lot, but she’s making it and can’t wait to visit you all. 
Well until next week, take care and stay warm.
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A promise is a promise.

Hey guys, I told Miss Toodie this morning I was going to blog and here I am,  after all a promise is a promise and I also told her I was going to try and do it weekly.
So here goes.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, ours wasn’t white but it was the week before and now it’s white again and again. It has been snowing on and off for three days and according to our weather man more to come and colder temps.
My youngest daughter went to Florida for three months to get away from the cold, well, to her disappointment, this cold snap is in Florida too. She is in Tampa and she said yesterday the tempture was 32 degrees. Brrrrrr for Florida. 
My New Year was quiet, went over to my neighbor’s house and ate way too much, watched the fireworks from our fire department and went to bed, not too exciting, but good friends, good times.  To pass the time until Midnight we played Triva Pursuit, the 80’s version, I must have been in a fog in the 80’s because I knew not one question!!!  I guess I was busy getting my three kids grown and just passed on through without retaining any thing from that time era???? 
Most of you that I’ve checked on are talking about all the cold and snow.  Well here in good Old " Wild and Wonderful" it has been snowing.  Cold temps, schools closed , I remember when I use to drive the school bus in Virginia I was so excited to see snow, because I knew it was a day off for us.  Now thats a story I need to tell you sometime, my six and half years as a school bus driver.   I just shutter thinking how I got through those years and those kids.  Most of the children were great , but like everything else there were kids that only God and their Mother could like much less love!!! Yikes.  I’ve been spit on, threaten with a broom handle from an upset parent whose kid I threw off the bus for calling me the B word!!! Then there were the sweet ones who wanted to hug you every morning with their little runny noses.  I drove kids from Kindergarden , to High School.  To my surprise I would rather drive the high school students, I didn’t have to tell them over and over stay in your seat, please don’t hang your head out of the window, get up off the floor and try to keep the bus on my side of the road lines as I was doing all of this. Good Time. LOL
Well, at work we now have campers, hello we needed them last spring and now it’s winter and no one is buying!!! Hopefully my boss can turn it around this spring. He is hanging on by a thread bless his heart.  I went in Monday to catch up on paperwork and I was going to tell him I’m hanging up working at the end of March and that he needed to get someone in there for me to train, however, he had so many other problems I just didn’t have the heart to tell him as I felt he had enough on him for the day.   I’ve been working since I was 15 and I’m ready to stay home and be able to do things with the grandkids and Hayden and my soon to be other Great Grandchild at the end of January.   Hopefully I can tell him soon.  It’s not fair to him to let him think I’m still going to work for him.  In the past when I tried to talk to him he just would say we will work something out.  I kept telling him there is nothing to work out, I just want to retire!!!   I’ve already applied for my social security and I should receive my first check in February.  Never thought I would live long enough to draw it , I’ve earned it and by God I’m drawing it.
Today I started back on my Wii Fitness, it’s been almost a year since I used it and I thought since I am snowed in I can excercise.  Now I am paying for it, my back is killing me from all the yoga stretches I did.  So I guess I will have to do it again tomorrow to work out the aches.  I only use it in the winter months because when the weather is warm I do more physical work than any Wii could do for me.  Come on Spring/ Summer.
The puppies are really enjoying this snow. I let them outside to do their business and they immediately put their little muzzles down and start sniffing and when they come up they are covered in snow and look like large fat white rabbits.  Benji my mix poodle and rescue he goes out does his business and comes back and get on his blanket.  The puppies have really grown, but they still have a lot of puppy in them, will be so glad when they are adults . Not that I don’t want them to be active but not so hyper!!!   They have learned when I put on the shock collar they are not to run off and this is good because I can’t run fast after them in the snow.  
Well not going to keep rambling just wanted you to know I’m still here and will continue to check on you.  I also want to share a couple of pictures with you. One is of the 5 generations taken at Christmas, the snow and the pups.  Stay warm everybody, talk to you again soon I promise.
Starting from left to right Hayden, my Great Grandson, his Mom Sierra, my granddaughter, Jennie, My youngest daughter, Me, and My mother.

Some of our snow, It’s been snowing so much I can’t get the Christmas decorations down, Oh well maybe March???

The board is too keep them out of my living room as they are not 100% potty trained.Always showing pictures of Hayden , my great grandson, these are my granchildren, from back row, left to right, Wil, my 3rd year college student ROTC, Sierra, Hayden’s Mom, Nic, Sierra’s brother, Rachael, the one who won the scholarship you all help voted for, Christian, my adopted grandson and last but not least Sarah who is twin sister of Rachel and has been accepted to many colleges, just doesn’t know where she is going yet.  Her dad said you should go where Rachel is going as half of your clothes are going with her . LOL Sometimes being a twin is hard!!!.  Hope you enjoy these, they all bring me so much happiness. Hugs, Patsy

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It’s Christmas

Well only 3 more days until Christmas  and I thought I’d better write a blog to all my space family since I’m so bad about doing it here lately.  Yes I’ve been over on FB they just want a statement and that is so easy for me since I don’t have the talent to write a daily blog that someone would want to read every day!! 
However, I love my space family and this time of year I want you all to know I appreciate and cherish your friendship so much.  I take it by now you have your shopping done and waiting on the Big Guy to show up?  I still have two presents to wrap and then I’m done and hopefully tomorrow I will have this accompolished.
We had our snow storm last Saturday and there is still snow on the ground.  However they are calling for rain on Christmas eve, so there goes the white Christmas, but then they are calling for snow on Saturday, the day after??? Whats with that?  The snow we had was a wet heavy snow and it caused quite a few power outage and the Governor of Wild & Wonderful West Virginia declared us in a state of Emergency.  Here are a few pictures of the snow:
Anyway I’ve had my White Christmas.
Last year for Christmas I went to my sister’s home in Virginia and she gave us the best Christmas ever.  This year I’m staying home , even though I had a wonderful time with my sister I missed my kids and grandkids and my great grandchild Hayden.  He is so excited this year, I can’t wait to see him tear into his presents.  He is still not talking, he understands everything you tell him but he only says a few words, and he has all these sign language he uses to make you understand what he wants.   I guess when he is ready he will talk, I can’t wait to carry on a conversation with this little guy. 
I have my meal with my kids on Christmas eve and then I go to their house on Christmas Day to see what Santa has bought all of them.  One of our traditions for a Christmas Eve meal is steamed Shrimp in beer & old bay seafood seasoning. YUM.   I do have other stuff, but this is a tradition my daddy started and I try to keep it going in memory of him.
Mom is doing pretty good, she decided not to have her knees replaced, she didn’t like the idea of rehab and she said as long as she could walk she wasn’t having it done.  I told her it’s your decision, I will support you in whatever you decide.  I don’t know if I told you or not she was in the hospital back in November for her blood pressure.  She went in for a check up and they kept her and ended up putting stinks in her kidneys.  Her blood pressure is still way too high, they gave her this pill to take if the top number is over 160 and most mornings its around 196!! I worry about her so. 
Some of you asked about my fall on rebuilding the pond and hurting my leg, well the wound finally healed but I still have a knot on my leg or bump whatever you want to call it.  It doesn’t hurt just funny looking, could be called knocked knee I guess. LOL..  Speaking of falling, I fell last night at the bowling alley!! Yes in front of about 40 people, how embrassing is that?  The bowler before me had put powder on his shoes so he could slide better and there was excess on the floor of which I didn’t see until splat down on my knees.  Didn’t hurt anything but my pride.  For an old broad I must have some strong bones for which I am thankful nothing broke.
I want to post some pictures of the pond for you , but I still need to add some finishing touches and when I do I will post for you.
Well I’m going to end this here and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  from me to you and may God Bless. Enjoy your holidays and keep our troops in your prayers as so many of them won’t be with family.
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Lazy Lazy Pat

I’m not really lazy , just  can;t seem to come up with a blog anybody would be interested in???
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did , all of the kids were here a good time had by all.  Everybody had plenty to eat and then we sat around and visited and tried to find out what everyone wanted for Christmas??  Really didn’t get any answers so I hope they will be happy what I get them.
Speaking of Christmas I have the outside decorated, but it is so windy today I will probably have to go around the neighborhood to gather them.  We are having gust up to 55 MPH!! Yikes.   I don’t have my tree up yet, plan on putting it up over the weekend.  I’m limted to space so I wait as long as I can.  Although I have put a little tree in the bedroom for Hayden.   He is really into Christmas this year, he loves all the lights and music boxes. 
Today I had planned on going to pick up my glasses that I broke but they are not in yet so I guess I will go friday and do the rest of my shopping.   They promised me they would be ready today, but not!!!  It’s a 50 mile trip to pick them up so I will call and make sure they are there.  So instead hubby and I are going to brave these winds and go grocery shopping!!!  I hate that job, I would rather take a beating than go.  Is that strange? 
The pups all three are going tomorrow to get their Christmas haircuts, I found a new groomer and she is awsome.  This will be Benji the poddle mix first time with her and I explained to her in no certain terms I want him to have a poodle cut, it makes him look like a sissy.  So its a puppy cut for Benji.  The last groomer I told that to she cut him a poddle cut even after I told her not to.  Now you know why I have a new groomer. LOL
Last Saturday we went to our little town’s Christmas parade.  It was snowing and just perfect for a Christmas parade.  Hubby and I took Hayden and he loved it especially when they threw candy at him.  This was another one of the last for my twin grand daughters too, they are in the band., One is the drum major and the other plays the trumpet.  I can’t believe they are graduating from high school in June.  I wonder sometimes where the time has gone. I remember when they were small and look like two little hoot owls with those big blue eyes and now they are all grown up and making college plans!!!   Here are some pictures of the parade.The one with the long red hair with her back to you is my grand daughter and the other one is in the trumpet section.
I have some pictures of my inside I did for Christmas to share with you and some outside.  The Santa are a new collection I’ve just started they are Annalee dolls, I just love their little elf faces.  The other is my Longaberger Christmas baskets, They made the first one in 1981 my collection is from 1985 to present. The others are hard to find , I have found them on ebay but if I want to continue to live here I dare not bid on them!!! The crochet snow flakes my pond buddy crocheted them for me.  Since this year’s Christmas basket was the snow flake basket I thought they would look good up on the shelf with the baskets.
The sleigh I found at a yard sale, I revarnished the wood and painted the runners.  Now I’m looking for a pair of ice skates to finish the theme.
Well the wind is still howling here and yes I do have decorations down on the ground.  Going to let them go until tomorrow hopefully the wind will be gone???
Tonight I plan on working on my Christmas cards and my husband said Pat why don’t your print your address labels?  I don’t know about you guys I find those so impersonal, I like writing and let the person know who is on the receiving end I was thinking of them and I took the time to hand address their card? Crazy huh, also I still iron my bed sheets, so yes I’m nuts just can’t help it, call it a tick or something.
Well I figure you have heard or read enough of my not so exciting life, so take care and I promise I will try and do another blog before Christmas.
Hugs to you all
As Ever,
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Short & Sweet

Dearest Space Family,
I know everyone is busy preparing for the Thanksgiving Holiday, but I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and may God’s blessing be with you all.
There is so much to be thankful for and one of mine as having you all as an extended family.  So if you are in the neighborhood stop by and I’ll feed you and be so happy to see you.
So enjoy your day and remember our soliders in your prayers tomorrow as you give thanks for all the things and people in our lives.
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